Club Focus: Mock Trial

By: Courtney Suber

Imagine, you walk into a courtroom, adrenaline coursing through your veins and your clothes freshly pressed. You walk to your prescribed side and stand to take an oath, promising to tell the truth and only the truth. You walk to the center of the courtroom and start with your opening statement; the case is one involving rags the dog as per usual.

This rush could all come to be a reality! This week in club focus, the spotlight lands on mock trial! Mock trial is a club in which students form a team to go to court and duke it out over a case, or in simpler words, “pretend lawyering.”

The mechanics of mock trial include memorizing a case and taking up a role, whether that be witness, lawyer, alternate, or time keeper. If you’ve ever seen an episode of Law and Order, it appears to go something like that, in a formal setting housed at an Atlanta courthouse. To further elaborate, I have an interview with mock trial’s co-president, Gabriella Kogan.

What is Mock Trial?

Mock trial is a team where there are lawyers and witnesses that structure a case and go to a competition every year based in a real courtroom, where we compete against other schools.

How do you personally feel about this being your last year in Mock Trial?

To be honest not much, but I’m glad that we (Gabriella and Yaron) started the mock trial club. Our sophomore year when we started, we didn’t have many people, but now it seems we’re picking up steam. 

How do you feel when you participate?

It’s hard work, but when I write questions, I become motivated, doing cross makes me excited and I feel like I’m in the zone and I’m in control.

What would you personally say to encourage people to join Mock Trial?

I would say that colleges look at mock trial and see it as a good thing. It shows that you invest yourself in different things and helps with public speaking. The club gives you practice not only for competition, but it also helps you later in life.

As you can see, mock trial is a club in which your public speaking and analyzing skills are put to the test and can be utilized in many ways other than “pretend lawyering.”

Mock trial meets on Thursday’s from 3:45-5:00 after school and information can be found with the club sponsor, Mr. Zand.

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