Facts About High School

By: Daniela Mencias

All of us have something to say about high school. Although the high school experience differs for all, there is a common underlying factor: everybody needs some advice. Here is mine.

High school is a very important stage during our life, not only because of the things we learn, but most importantly for the life experience and maturity, we gain during our time there. High school is a platform from which we search within ourselves and discover what we want from our lives. We can have a little taste of the real world and to learn in a safe environment. I’m not talking about traditional learning, but real-life learning. Many think that we spend four years of our life learning things that we are not even going to use or remember in our professional life, and I must admit, I once came to this conclusion. 

During the time I’ve spent in school, I realized that this conclusion is not true at all. Yes, I agree that in our future we are not going to be talking about atomic models, but the most important thing we take away from high school is not the meaningless facts, but the life lessons we learn both in and out of the classroom. While we are in school we don’t just learn about math or literature, but we also learn to be patient, to be responsible; we learn how to manage our time well, we learn to be disciplined, we learn to be assertive, we develop our leadership skills, and most importantly, we learn that the best things in life require effort to achieve. It is not the math you know that will make you a better person and make you earn more money, but it is the sum of all these lessons that will lead you to succeed in life. So here is my first piece of advice: change your mindset about high school and start seeing high school as an opportunity to learn about life.

High school goes by so fast. In far less time than you’d expect, you will be sending your applications to college. I think that we all want to have a great experience during these years, but sometimes they can turn into a nightmare. Let’s be real, students have so much going on in their heads that it can be stressful to keep up with everything. But don’t stress about your education to the point that it becomes unhealthy. And be patient, I promise good things will come your way. I want you to remember, my dear reader,  that nothing lasts forever. Even our sad moments don’t last forever. During high school, it is normal to feel stuck or trapped, and I understand you, but that’s not the reality. Those bad moments are going to disappear when you least expect it. And sometimes we spent so much time complaining about school, that we forget about the bright side of life. Always, my friends, have a positive attitude. You don’t want regret later on in life that you forgot to enjoy high school. What happens here is not the end of the world, and even though high school may feel like our entire world right now, the world is so big and fantastic that high school is just a tiny part of it. 

We want to make the best of high school, but there isn’t an exact and precise method to ensure that. To get the maximum benefit out of these four short years, we need to take every opportunity that is presented to us and live in the moment. I think regret is the worst thing a human can feel. We don’t want to have any regrets about our time here; we want to know that we have done everything we possibly could. We want to feel fulfilled. Get the best grades you can, because you don’t want to regret failing a class when you submit your college applications to your dream university. But if things don’t go as planned, don’t feel sad or stressed because you have given everything. 

The most beautiful thing while we are teenagers is to have a crush. Let me tell you, my friends, that having a crush will make school exciting and, with no intention of exaggerating, it will be the reason you wake up every morning to go to school. You don’t want to feel regretful when you realize that you let go of the opportunity to talk to your crush or even date him/her. Most of us act based on fear and negativity, but it is time to change our minds, and start being confident and believing that good things are about to come. Once you stop basing your actions on fear, you will have whatever you want, including the girl/guy of your dreams. Start acting and stop thinking too much. You don’t lose anything if you go and talk to your crush, you never know what will happen. The worst that will happen is that he/she will ignore you, but the best thing is that you might end up dating him/her. A rejection is not the end of the world. You are a teenager, and the rejection of a crush doesn’t mean that you are condemned to never find your soulmate. It doesn’t. It’s just a rejection, and you will get over it. You lose more if you don’t talk to your crush, rather than if you let go that opportunity. 

Social life is important during these years, and that’s why you should hang out with people who make you happy. Don’t hang out with someone because you have no one to sit with during lunch or because someone is popular. Be friends with people who make you feel good. Just surround yourself with the people who make you feel happy. And remember, the people who you click with will differ for every individual. Everything is about perspective. Don’t waste your time and energy talking to people who you don’t like. Stop being friends with fake people. Stop it. Don’t let the fear of being lonely paralyze you, because you won’t be alone. Our school is so big, that we have high chances to meet good people and with our same interests. Throughout our entire life, we are always going to meet people who we don’t like, but it is our decision to let them be part of our lives. So here is my last piece of advice: let go of the fear and start living. 

Stay true to yourselves, my dear reader. Once you can do this, you will have taken a big step toward developing your identity. And don’t forget to enjoy high school in the process! 

With abundant love,

Daniela Mencias

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