Wild Season Ahead

By: Senam Quartey

This year in North Springs football the Spartans are in for a wild ride. Coming off of a 3-7 season last spring, the Spartans faced many challenges as a team last year, such as losing the starting quarterback and taking losses in high scoring and close games. This year the team only has five returning starters on offense and defense. Yet, the Spartans are focused on the positives. They are young and always ready to learn, which makes them extremely coachable.  

The state has North Springs predicted to only win fewer than four games, but the Spartans feel they can win their very weak region and improve each week. Starting out, the team took a loss in the opening week scrimmage against Apalachee high school 7-38, and lost again in their first recorded game against Fellowship Christian Academy last week 19-48. 

However, this week the team had a huge 38-0 win against Clarkston High School. Santino Gaudraeu is currently leading all quarterbacks in passing yards across the state of Georgia. He’s only a sophomore and he is only going to get better along with rest of the Spartans.

Michael Miller, a senior who is the returning starter and Spartan captain,  is very optimistic about the season despite the opening game loss. “I feel this team can play much better than we have,” Miller said. As captain, he has high expectations for the team; he expects to win a region championship and make a deep playoff run. Another senior, captain, and returning starter Neriyan Brown, had an amazing outing against Fellowship Christian with 169 yards receiving and three touchdowns.

Senior and returning starter Arian Raeisghasem has one simple goal for this season: “I want to win.” That’s a sentiment shared throughout the team. 

The goal is the same for Head Coach Scotty Parker, and not a single thing has changed. “At times they look like a well oiled machine” Parker stated. He has high standards for his team and believes they can reach the standards set. He wants to put points on other teams, win games, win the region championship, and make a playoff run. 

Yes, last year wasn’t the perfect year for the Spartans and they fell short of a lot of their goals. However, with a new attitude and a sense of teamwork, they believe anything is possible. The Spartans are in for a rough ride but it’s bound to be a fun and emotional season.

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