How to Survive High School

How Well Do You Know Ned

By: Nelson Cummiskey

High school can be a very confusing time. So much is happening at the moment in addition to planning for your entire future. One misstep and your whole world can seem as though it is crashing down all around you. Thankfully, some of those who have been through this 4 year trial are willing to impart some of their hard-earned wisdom to us.

The first piece of advice is for incoming freshmen. Join clubs. Many colleges like to see that you are interested in something and if you stick with it all four years you are showing that you can commit to things. You could also join other extracurriculars like a sports team. Showing commitment is important to colleges and doing something for four years is a good way to do that.

For the rising sophomores, take advantage of AP classes. North Springs offers two AP classes to most sophomores: AP World History and AP Statistics. These are great opportunities to know what it is like to take a college class and universities will look at the rigor of your course load as well as your grades. Taking the easier classes just to get the grade is not as smart as you may think. These classes are also a great way to get college credit and not have to take the same classes in high school again.

For rising juniors and seniors, the best advice is to stick your nose in your book and get to work. There is nothing easy about being an upperclassmen, at least for the first semester of senior year, but juniors don’t get a break from that grind. Also, try to get started on college applications early as possible. Write your “big essay” first and then try to match it with the prompt that best fits it. This way you are not concerned about the prompt and can make it personal and include your best life experiences and accomplishments.

High school is tough, and it’s only getting more competitive and stressful. With this advice, maybe you could get through it without pulling out as much of your hair. The most difficult thing of high school is balancing everything out. If you can delegate enough time to everything, then maybe you can be perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

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