North Springs Prom

By: Dream Nelson

Prom is an annual tradition students and parents usually spend months preparing for. From picking out dresses to where you’re going to eat dinner, we make sure to plan it so it can be the best night of the year.

Prom 2019 at North Springs was an amazing success. The venue was the Foundry at Puritan Mill and was well picked by our student government. It was filled with pink decorations to fit the ‘Georgia Peaches’ theme and was extremely spacious which gave students enough room to socialize with everyone. Though the DJ was sub par and played songs like Baby Shark and Havana by Camilla Cabello, students still found a way to make the most of their night by dancing with their friends no matter how terrible the song.

Crowned as prom king and queen towards the end of the night was senior, Eric Cody, and senior, Caitlyn Dickson. The two looked phenomenal in their outfits and were celebrated as they stepped up to claim the crown.

Students who weren’t on the dance floor had the option to take photos with one of the many photographers there, grab some food from the desert table, or just socialize with friends which was definitely the best part of the night.

Though the food didn’t seem to have much of a theme to it, it was undeniably delicious. The junior class SGA did an amazing job handling this years prom. Between the decorations and the food, the night was a success all around.

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