North Springs Boys Track Program

By: Senam Quartey

This year’s North Springs Boy’s track team has been a progressive success and they only look to get better with the last portion of their season coming up. This team has a monster of a 4 x 1 team, athletic jumpers, and great long-distance runners and throwers. They have a lot of bright spots and many things to look forward to in the coming weeks of the region championships, sectional competition, and state championships.

In an extensive interview with head track coach Josh Weaver, he described the team as a program. He stressed that teams come and go but a program is here to stay. This is a great point considering this is Coach Weaver’s fifth year heading up the track program, and each year they have been consistently in the mix to win a region championship and continue to send competitors y’c mnvbto sectionals and state competitions. Coach Weaver also states that some of the programs greatest strength is that all of his competitors want to participate, and everyone looks like they are always having fun.

With every team does come some challenges or weak points. Coach Weaver, although liking the look of the program, also has the slight, minor, tiny concern of the team’s youth and inexperience. He stated that “the team doesn’t have guys throwing and running and jumping since they were 7. The average amount of years for the kids in the program actually doing track and field is about 1 or 2 years. Yet, Coach Weaver takes somewhat of a liking to this saying,” its gives us a chance to mold this inexperience and teach the young guys how to compete and run, jump, and throw.

With the region competitions being this week, the team has a lot of confidence that they can come out perform and win the region. Some stars or bright spots in the program are people like senior Zahir Nichols. Zahir runs the 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters, the 4 x 1 relay, and also long jumps and triple jumps. He scores the team a ton of points and he is expected to be a top performer at region. Other seniors like Jordan Eaddy, Chris Donsareaux, and Ryan Gordon are all bright spots on the team and are hoping to finish their high school track careers strong. Younger competitors like, junior Senam Quartey who throws shot put has been progressing through his first season throwing originally on throwing 26 feet to start and now is in great position as one of the region’s top throwers throwing 37’11.5 feet. Also, freshman hurdle runner, Wade Hampton is a great future prospect along with sophomore sprinter, Tyrone Cox. These young men are showing feats of extraordinary athleticism. Coupled with the long distance running stars, sophomore Simon Kwan and freshman Evan Feintuch, all of these young athletes can continue the success of the North Springs boys track program.

The end goal of every season for this program is not to win championships and get individual accolades, but to get better every time the kids compete. The success will come with progress. The ultimate goal of the program is to be better and be one of the most respectable and recognizable programs in our school, our region, and in our state.

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