North Springs SGA

By: Nelson Cummiskey

Of the people, by the people, for the people. That is not the motto for the North Springs SGA. One would think that SGA would be a place where the students decide who their leaders are and oust those who don’t make good on their promises. A free election where opinions can be shared and only the best candidate will win the position they are vying for. In a sense, this is true, as long as the candidates are okay to run according to the repressive rules and regulations put in place. What is the administration so afraid of that they won’t let the people decide who leads them?

            So, who exactly is deemed fit to run by the school? If you want to be on student body SGA and help your school get better as well as run smoothly, it might be too bad. To be on student body government, one must have been elected to a position at least twice. But if it is your junior year and you realize you don’t think the current leaders are doing well and you want to step it, well that’s rough. You have no chance of being on student body because you believed in the people you previously voted for. But, what if you didn’t have time your previous years because you wanted to focus on GPA and getting all requirements filled and now you want to share your knowledge and wisdom with the rest of the student body. You are out of luck. However, if you had not known the rules before it was too late, well you still in a tough spot.

            But hey, that’s just student body council. What about the class councils that are supposed to be more representative of each grade and look out for the interests of its students. Well there are still rules about who is allowed to be elected by the people and who is not. To be deemed acceptable to North Springs, you must have been elected to a class council once before you can run for president of a council. Is this because those who are elected once already know how to fit in the corrupt system of student government or is it because those making these rules have such little faith in the students that they have to put more restrictions on the election.

            I don’t know a lot about politics or government, but this all sounds like a whole lot of bureaucracy. These elected representatives might get a little too comfortable in their positions to really be motivated to do things that are helpful to the school. Maybe once we get a real free election of our representatives, then we will be able to trust our leaders and believe in them. Until then, we must get used to our repressive rules about who is and is not capable of being considered for office.

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