Breaking News

By: Virginia Fuss

The morning of the Monday back from Spring Break, a student at North Springs decided to start the day off with a bang. Occurring at the most populous hour of the morning, when the halls were filled to the brim with bustling students, one overzealous pupil decided to take a trip to the other side of the hall—through the glass.

Maybe they just forgot how to multitask—walking and seeing can be difficult for some—or they had an Incredible Hulk moment, but the hole in the glass window exists either way. The entire affair began and ended in the blink of an eye, and most of the school didn’t even find out about the incident until they saw the gaping hole masked by bright caution tape while walking to class.

The culprit was undisclosed by the authorities, which leaves their identity up for debate. The frontrunner of the accused is Junior Isabelle Mokotoff, who was seen in the hallway later that day muttering, “Bad Isabelle.”

If one were to look closely, they might have seen chips of glass or even a slight limp in her foot, but nobody thought to check.

Recreation of events

On another note, motive should be considered. There is a huge difference between accident and reason, and both can be broken down into simple scenarios. For one thing, the whole incident could have been conspired in an instant when the offender was angry, and the projection of the glass shatter shows that a swift kick was administered to the window, so anger is a viable motive.

On the other hand, a much more satirical one, the shatter could have been an accident, just like when a dog runs through a sliding glass door.

Addition @10:53 am: Steps have been taken to track down the culprit, and solid evidence points the authorities towards student Isabelle Mokotoff.

Addition @5:42 pm: The plot thickens as new information surfaces. New indications have linked Nelson Cummiskey, a member of the newspaper, to framing Mokotoff for the vandalism. The evidence isn’t foolproof, so we are still in the dark about true motives or if he is even the vandalizer.

In all, this wild chase has been full of riveting highs and lows, and journalists and authorities alike are holding their breaths as the situation unfolds. Stay tuned.

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