by Senam Quartey

The Spartan lacrosse team is officially not to be messed with. With a 6-3 record, the boys lacrosse team is a high scoring, fast paced team with a will to win games. This team is very young, yet very willing to work. It is now one of the highest scoring lacrosse teams in Georgia.

First year player and starting defense man Nelson Cummiskey spoke about the team’s success saying that they attribute the wins to hard work in practice and focus. The team shows a sense of brotherhood within themselves. Many players like Nath Hayes and Ian Lowe spoke about always supporting teammates and bringing friendly competition to practice in order to to help starters improve.

Even with the team’s success, comes small issues within. Many on the team say they lack motivation and aggression at times. Junior Max Murray says the way to combat that is 100% effort at all times. Tiwan Jones also put forth a solution of more hustle and a maturing in players.

Many of the lacrosse players have great individual goals like scoring and winning defensive MVP, or even progressing their skills, but every player when asked about the team goal this year answer with two words: “To win.” All this team wants to do is win.

Someone who embodies the idea of always wanting to win is Senior Defense man and one of the captains, Chandler Jackson. Jackson harps on focus of that goal and also about progressing every time the team steps on the field. He wants the team to be so ready to win so that even after he leaves, the team continues its success.

Being that there is no state playoff for lacrosse, the team just continues to push on trying to win as many games as possible before this season ends. Good luck Spartan LaX — and go Jake Rubin!

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