April Fools! Juniors Can Now Exempt from Finals; Eat Lunch in Courtyard

The courtyard…now open for Junior business!

by Dream Nelson

Juniors are fed up with having all stress and no privileges. Junior year is proven to be the most stressful year, yet they are left with only the mere privileges of a freshman or sophomore. The courtyard has always been strictly for seniors, and seniors are also exempted from finals.

 “Junior year is the year students take the ACT or SAT,” says AP Psych teacher Ken Gaminsky.  “It’s when they begin looking in and applying to colleges.” Gaminsky observed that a study done by the Frontiers of Psychology  showed how 49 percent of students feel a great deal of stress and  agrees that the load warrants change for the Juniors. Consequently, North Springs saw these statistics, talked to the student body, and decided something had to change.

“North Springs should be taking care of their students, not bombarding them and blocking them from enjoying their youth while they still have it,” says media center Zistene Kachery, who made the media center a hot spot for fun with skill games like Jenga, and would like to add in the installation of Skee Ball, Whack-a-Mole, and a retrocade open to all.

Until that happens, in an effort to help relieve this stress from Juniors, the class government and the school have teamed up to extend to 11th graders privileges previously held only for seniors. The first decision to be enforced: The opening of the courtyard to all grades.

“Juniors have always found some way to sneak their way into the courtyard,” says administrator Revin Kogers, who then added “Come back here now, young man,” as he called down the hall. He adds: “Now this will be completely unnecessary because Juniors  have been given the privilege to enjoy their lunch in the sun…Hey..hey…I’m talking to you!”

The school also made the decision to exempt juniors from finals if their grade point average is a 2.0 or above. “We all know that juniors get their act together in the last three weeks,” says Mr. Zistopher Chand. “This will help students focus on getting real in-depth information about a subject instead of rushing and cramming so that they know everything by the time finals come around.”

“Instead of learning to pass, students can start to learn just because they want to,” adds History teacher Bephen Stengson. “Now they have time for more of my puns.”

For the years to follow, Juniors at North Springs will be grateful that someone finally took initiative for the good of all. Says Junior and Oracle staff member Misabelle Iokatoff, “It now gives Sophomores something else to strive for besides going to the ‘vending machine’ and the ‘bathroom.’”

And if you believed this, then…

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