Spring Break “Staycation” Ideas

Clark University Staycation logo

by Dream Nelson

\Spring Break is a time students across the country look forward to all year long. Some people go on trips to Florida, Mexico, or even Colorado, but what if you’re not leaving town this spring break but still want to have a good time? Here are some activities so you have the most fun stay-cation you’ve ever had.

  1. The Roller Rink: Cascade and Sparkles are some of the best roller rinks in the Atlanta area. Not only is this activity exercise, but it’s also super fun. Tickets are cheap, the atmosphere is energetic and the music is always great.
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show: This show plays every Friday at the Plaza Theater in Atlanta. It is the longest running show and has been playing there since the 70’s. The show is filled with fun, enthusiasm, and crazy costumes. Having been there twice I can say Rocky Horror is a must-see if you live in Atlanta or if you’re just visiting.
  • Shoot the ‘Hooch: Since the weather is getting warmer this is the perfect activity if you’re into outdoors fun. Tubing down the Chattahoochee River with friends never seemed so easy. This activity provides nature scenery fun times.
  • The Drive-In: The drive-in is a super fun way to experience a movie. The tickets are cheaper and the screens are bigger. Not only is it a fun and spontaneous way to see a movie, it would also make a really cute date for a special someone.
  • The Georgia Aquarium: We have a massive aquarium here in Atlanta, and while tickets are pricey, if your birthday happens to be on the day you’re going, you’ll be able to get in for free. This is a super-fun family activity and with it’s proximity to Piedmont Park, it’s bound to be the beginning to a fun day.

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