NAHS Induction Displays North Springs Talent

By: Virginia Fuss

Next week, the students who have worked hard in their art and academic classes and wanted to take a step further will be inducted into the National Art Honors Society. As a nationally recognized club, this society’s members take part in events such as the annual Dogwood Festival and local mural paintings. If one were to venture out to the North Springs courtyard, they would see the beautiful mural that splashes the once-boring brick walls of the yard. Its colors bring life and joy to the place and are just one aspect of the club’s many virtues.

To reiterate, the club will be inducting many new members this year, and excitement is overflowing. Students from all backgrounds and goals applied and were accepted happily. They will bring such diversity and creativity to the club in the coming years.

The ceremony, an annual event of the highest quality, will honor all new members with a certificate and a cupcake. Then, they will be able to truly begin their journey in the club. Filled with enjoyable service work and creative opportunities, the new members will love their club experience.

But that’s not all. In the gallery, the location of the ceremony, 3D art will decorate the sides of the room. Stationed on tables bordering the space, pieces big and small will represent their artists. Each is very unique and interesting and will surely complement the room. Simply put, the art department is proud to put the show and ceremony together because it will showcase the excellence of the program.

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