Jade Bird Album Review

By: Dream Nelson

Jade Bird is an English singer/songwriter who focuses on alternative music with an indie feel to her lyrics. Her newest album has just been pre-released and is self titled after herself, Jade Bird. Her songs, I Get No Joy and Uh Huh, talk about her struggles as an artist and balancing her friendships and work. She discusses the words her mother told her as a child and how the affect her everyday life. Uh Huh shows her more honest side where she sings about a toxic relationship she sees everyday. Her lyrics in these songs are extremely poetic yet its easy for her listeners to relate to them. In her song, Love Has All Been Done Before, she preaches about her own issues when it comes to relationships instead of speaking about others relationships. She uses descriptive lyrics that tell a story so that her listeners can truly understand where she’s coming from. Though the songs words seem sad she makes sure to keep it light and fun The songs released are filled with strength and passion compared to her 2017 EP, Something American, which showed more heart and vulnerability. In that song she talks about the way she cares about an old friend and the nostalgia she feels when thinking about him. Her newest release if far more independent and strong, showing her more feminist side.

Though some songs speak of controversial subjects her upbeat melody and strong voice make those subjects easy to sing about. If Jade Bird’s pre-release is any indication of what the full album will be like we can expect songs full of truth and voice full of passion.

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