North Springs to Get New Field and Track

by Senam Quartey

Thomopoly Stadium is getting a new look. It’s been a long time coming. North Springs is getting a confirmed new redesigned sports field and track. This is something long awaited by several athletes at North Springs. When asked football player Neriyan Brown was ecstatic. He said “It would be dope to play on a new field for my senior year.” Truly a sentiment shared by most current junior athletes.

 The teams benefiting from the new field and track include North Springs (football, boys & girls soccer, boys & girls lacrosse, and boys & girls track & field.) All of these programs felt they need the improvements.

Its has been rumored for a long time that this field has been coming. Our crosstown region rivals, Riverwood, recently got a new field and we had a feeling we were up next. The new field has been confirmed by North Springs athletic director Coach Lamar Glenn. He stated, “ the field will get a logo redesign and will be replaced with new turf over the summer.” Also what’s a new field without a brand new track. Our current track won’t cut it considering we have the top ladies track program in the country and one of the top boys programs in the state.

 Just to put into perspective why this field is needed let’s go through the conditions of the current field. There are rough patches on the field and lumps of turf built up which is hazardous for the athletes. Junior lacrosse player and cross country runner, Nelson Cummiskey describes the turf on the field as “ worn down so much that it’s scary to fall. We’ve had this field for the last decade and a half. That’s fifteen years… yes we need a new field

 Yet there is the question; how is the school paying for this new renovation to our field and track? Here’s the answer. Due to the recently raised funds for the North Springs school refurbishment that have been put off for a new brand new building we have the money. We had the funds and they were all but just sitting there so why not put the money to use.

 There was some doubt about the field coming our way. Head football coach, Scotty Parker said when asked about the new field, “ they’ve been talking about this field from the point I came to coach here.” Coach Parker has been a North Springs coach for almost five years. The doubt for the rumored field was high but finally the wait is over. It’s really here; we’re getting the update.

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