The Super Bowl LIIItdown


Art by James Bolden

by Senam Quartey

Can anyone say underwhelming?

Atlanta’s Super Bowl LIII proved to be a near-complete disappointment. If this article was solely a report of the actual game – the lowest scoring Super Bowl ever — it would be the most boring article of all time. Instead, let’s point out some of the more underwhelming moments.



Everything from the outcome of a 13-3 Patriots win over the Rams, to the disappointment of a halftime show, to a lackluster lineup of Super Bowl commercials made this the one Super Bowl everyone would be okay missing. Even Tom Brady sounded down on the game; he commented about how things never took off for either team and both sides never broke out of the rut they seemed to be in. If there was ever a Super Bowl that was made for Atlanta — which always has good intentions and promises for its teams but then falls far short — this was it.


He may have won, but viewers…not so much.

The most interesting part of this year’s show in many viewers’ eyes was the short clip of SpongeBob at the beginning of Travis Scott’s segment of the performance, a reference to an episode of the cartoon show that features—what else—The Super Bowl. A fun but obvious surprise. The only thing unpredictable about this game was how dull it turned out to be.

The lineup of commercials for a Super Bowl is always one of the most talked-about subjects. This year no one wants to talk about them. There may have been a laugh or two from Planters or the Corn Syrup ad, and it was fun to see Pepsi get the limelight in Coca-Cola town, but that was about it. Even more damaging was the fact that prior to the game, one channel ran a “Best of Superbowl Ads” show. Any five minutes of that show was more entertaining than the entire game.


Final Score: Underwhelming.

This year’s Super Bowl halftime show wasn’t much better –in in fact, it was taken by many as a failure. Headlining acts Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi failed to bring any of the shocking or exciting content of the halftime shows of the past. Was anyone surprised to see Adam Levine moving like Jagger? The playlist was what you’d expect. In fact, the opening minutes before the game was better than the halftime. Gladys Knight singing the anthem at the start of the game was great, and it was nice to see Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s daughter doing the coin toss, but if the three minutes of patriotism and a coin flip before the game are the highlights for a game people shell out thousands of dollars for, then I would want my money back. This may have been a Super Bowl promising super food, but it wasn’t all that and a bag of chips; it was as bitter as raw kale and the bowl was half empty. Nourishing in one way but hardly satsifying to us carnivores.

Sure, Atlanta saw a huge influx of people and attention from the game, some positive (like revenue for tourists and restaurants, and celebrity sightings), some not (like mondo litter on the streets, ginormous crowds that shut down the Super Bowl Live exhibit at Centennial Park, and celebrity arrests). MARTA station parking lots were packed, but train delays and a walkout by staffers didn’t help. Before the game, there was a genuine buzz and excitement, but in the end, we’re not really sure what it all signified. When the biggest media story to come out of it all was about 21 Savage’s expired Visa, you know there’s a problem.

pepsi-atlanta-super-bowl-hed-page-2019 (1)

Was this the best part of the Super Bowl?

Maybe a tepid show was what the NFL wanted after a year of controversy and political unrest, but America’s viewership and fans have been let down in a massive way. We want a redo. Our message to the National Football League… Do better in Super Bowl LIV. And maybe do it in another city.

North Springs Super Bowl Sound Off:

“It didn’t live up to my expectations” -Will Hopkins

“It was boring.” -Andrew Wright

“The Amazon commercial was the best commercial.” -Lauren Cohen

“The commercials were stupid.” -Elaine Berger

“It sucked; it was boring…” -Ariana Persand-Maycock.

“The halftime show was even worse.”-Beatriz Salvioli

“…Worst Super Bowl ever. And of course, the Patriots won.” -Ariana Persand-Maycock.

“The Patriots make me so angry. Enough said.” -Oracle Editor Nelson Cummiskey

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