February Horoscopes

by Virginia Fuss



It’s your time. With your birthday either coming up or being celebrated at this exact minute, you need the energy and peppiness to make it through these days. Eat cake, be merry, and spend all your time with loved ones. This is your month to feel special, and your friends and family are the people to do that for you.


The fact that you were born after Valentine’s Day is extremely unfortunate. Judging from the stars this month, you will be single and sad, but there’s obviously no correlation between those two ideas. Thankfully for you, there are solutions that you will put into action this month. Taking excessive naps and eating absolute trash will help you forget, and in turn become a healthy lifestyle that will continue into the next month. All you need to focus on this month is being happy, whether it be by gorging on cheese pizza or taking a bubble bath.


Although many say that second is the best, third is the one with the treasure chest. And why would anyone want to give up a treasure chest to be the best? The stars have aligned for you to find treasure, whether it be material wealth or emotional. You could meet a new friend or score an incredible price on an otherwise expensive jacket at a thrift store. Either way, this will be a great month for you.


For those of you youngsters still in school, you have a tough time ahead. Considering that you were born during the most stressful months of the year for many scholars, this month predicts an onslaught of tests and quizzes in each class. But you all grew up tough and will make it through this time with flying colors. Your classmates, on the other hand, will have a harder time, and might just despise you for bringing this cosmical fortune upon them. But thanks to spring break and prom, they’ll find it in their hearts to forgive you.


You crazy party people, kings of the summer, hotshot wild-children, whatever other silly nickname you have been coined with, are about to have a ball. As many of the other signs struggle through this month, you’re destined to make it a little more livable for them. you’ll throw an absolute rager for everyone, allowing them a little bit of time to decompress. Yes, your tendencies may keep you from deciding between a pirate or 80s themed party, but your impulsiveness will help you push through. Thanks to you, this month will not be a total loss for others; your generosity is going to shine.


One of the only signs who hasn’t given up on new year’s resolutions, you may experience loss or disappointment this month when you have to make a tough decision to stay true to those resolutions. Like many, last year you are putting space between those who hurt you and yourself. But because of your intensity in love and emotions, this will prove to be more difficult than you think. A warning from the stars says that you should watch your emotions and try to control how you treat others.


Since you are generous to a fault, be weary of someone using you for that trait. A universal wind will blow you towards happiness when you find tranquility in nature. Although it may pull you from what you originally thought was your happy place, it will bring new opportunities—ones that you are sure to grasp because of your yearning for purpose.


Your positive traits of analysis and meticulousness will prove helpful when someone wrongs you. They may have stolen something or spread a rumor, but you will easily shut them down with your detective skills. On another note, a team project will make you expose your colors of reliability and modesty when you effortlessly carry the team on your shoulders to finish the project. Although this is an amazing trait, be careful to not take too much stress into your own hands and upset the natural balance of emotions.


Unlike many of the other signs, this month proves to be something of a romantic adventure for you. Because of your charm and grace in romance, you will begin a new relationship. But if you let your unreliability and superficiality interfere, this relationship will end as quickly as it began. Karma will ensure that if your intentions are pure, so will your month be.


This month, your ambition and focus will drive you far ahead of your counterparts. Judging from the stars, you will either start a new company or spiral up from a new idea. Because of this, you will be in high spirits, generously giving time to all your friends. But your downfall may leak from your manipulative and secretive nature. Nobody wants to stand by someone who values their projects over a strong relationship.


As usual, you will be very lighthearted and insightful this month. Seeing into every happening and event, you will predict any hardship or fight that comes your way. And because of your big heart, you’ll be able to solve these problems with ease. Be careful to channel your energy in the correct way though, because your over-confidence may prove to get in the way of any resolution.


Last but certainly not least, the forgotten sign. When your holiday and birthday gifts are lumped into the same category, you learn to be humble and gracious. Thankfully, that will come in handy this month, since the stars predict that you will have to be disciplined. Fair warning: if there’s a donut on the counter, don’t touch it. If you want to talk back to your boss because they’re obviously, completely, totally wrong, restrain yourself. It might pay off in the end with a raise.

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