North Springs Hoopers Make the Jump


by Senam Quartey

The North Springs hoopers are an outlier this season. After starting out 0-2, the team has showed a steady progression of success with an even 7-7. This has come by way of 4 home wins and three away. This season has been exhilarating with and overtime win against Galloway High by three points, a close win against KIPP Atlanta, and even a buzzer beating shot by Paris Crawford to win the game against Carver High School.

When asked about the shot, Paris answer nonchalantly by saying, “The game was tied and we had the ball so I said why not and put it up”. Great shooter or pure luck? I have no idea but the Spartans came away with the W.

This year the team has had eight games that have been within 5 points or less, with the Spartans being victorious in half of them and just not pulling through in the other half. When asked player Mike McKenzie how he felt about the team’s season, he stated, “I feel the team could be much better, which is always the case. We threw some games away especially our two losses to Lithia Springs and we only lost by one point in each game.”

McKenzie he feels they need to change things up; he feels that the team has a good scheme to win games and execute, be more consistent, and to simply stop losing.

Senior Levi Santiful summed up the season in as, “inconsistent yet hopeful.” He said, “We are in a good spot in the region, but we could be in an even better position if we pulled through and won those close games.”

Those close games seem to be a worry for other players on the team. Yet Coach Parks, head coach of the basketball team, doesn’t seem too troubled. He said, “Close ones are the ones that matter. Those are the ones that give me more confidence in my players”.

There are six games left in the season and the team is currently fourth in its eight-team region. They have a great shot of advancing to the state playoffs. Go Spartans!!


NSHS’ own Coach Parks.

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