Club Spotlight: Wanna Feel S.A.F.E.?


by Dy’Nasia Johnson

S.A.F.E was founded last year by Unique Montgomery and Dy’Nasia Johnson, both Juniors at the time. The idea was to provide a safe haven and a comfortable space to those unfamiliar with the “big high school” environment of North Springs High School, something neither one of them ever felt that they had because of moving from school to school.

The club has a mission to aid in people feeling at “home” in their everyday environment. The club is now run by Dy’Nasia Johnson in assistance with sponsors Ms. Ferris and Ms. Seuss, and will promptly start back up next semester. To give a tad bit more information, we conducted an interview with one of the sponsors, Ms. Ferris.

Interviewer: What is your name and affiliation to S.A.F.E?

Ferris: Julie Ferris, and I’m one of the teacher sponsors.

Interviewer: What is S.A.F.E? What is its purpose and who can join/benefit?

Ferris: S.A.F.E stands for Students Assisting Friends Everyday. It is a place for students to feel like they belong. Anyone is able to join as long as they’re willing to open up to others and be positive.

Interviewer: What do you think of when you hear the word “safe?”

Ferris: I think of an environment that is comforting and allows one to feel secure.

Interviewer: When first approached about the club by Unique, what were your initial thoughts?

Ferris: When Unique first spoke with me about the club, I was excited that someone wanted to start something like this. I was hoping that we could get enough interest to really get it off the ground.

Interviewer: What has /does/will S.A.F.E do?

Ferris: We haven’t done much yet. We have had a few meetings, and we’re hoping to set up some fun activities for next semester.

Interviewer: Do you believe that this club could have a positive impact on the North Springs community? In what way?

Ferris:  Yes, I believe that if the kids do the things that they have talked about, they will have a positive impact on the community by allowing students a place to meet/make friends and to not feel alone.

Interviewer: What are the short and long-term goals for the club?

Ferris: To be successful and to cause a big difference in the mindsets of young individuals

Interviewer: Who are the officers?

Ferris: As of right now, Dy’Nasia is the president.

Upcoming meetings and times are to be announced.

If you would love to learn more about S.A.F.e. or assist in the success of this club, please contact Dy’Nasia Johnson at

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