Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Review

By: Dream Nelson

Bohemian Rhapsody is an phenomenal film based on the real-life story and life of the lead singer of the band Queen, Freddie Mercury. Freddie was a powerful artist, producing music during the 80’s and 90’s, and sadly, his life was cut short due to disease. The movie opened with the band (actors) playing one of the bands most popular songs, Can You Go a Bit Higher.

Rami Malek played the lead in this movie, the eccentric role of Freddie Mercury. Malek was the perfect man to play this role. Capturing a spirit as unique and wild as Freddie Mercury’s is challenging and nearly impossible, but somehow Malek managed to do it perfectly. A team of vocal specialists and producers worked with Malek and previous band members to create the perfect sound for this movie.

The movie showed the band before they were popular and even before the lead was a part of the group. This decision really benefited the movie because it allowed for the audience to grow with the band, especially the younger audience who didn’t grow up listening to Queen. As viewers travel through the movie they witness it’s creative process in making music but also a personal side that shows the tension between band members and the stress that fame put on their lives.

Although this film told a beautiful story, it failed to show the truth about Freddie Mercury’s life. His battle with the media, bipolar disease, depression, and took a toll on his life when he became famous. The film also dealt with issues of racial discrimination  and assimilation into American culture and the mainstream pop media.

The movie also dealt with how Mercury faced scrutiny by his fans after contracting the AIDS virus; however, it did not really delve into details about his disease, nor show his relationships with his partner. Instead, it focused on his relationship with Mary Austin, the woman he claimed to be his soul mate.  Many critics criticized this by saying the producers and director purposefully avoided depicting Mercury’s homosexuality. The movie also avoided Freddie’s mental health issues. Instead, it showed the lighter happier times for the singer. Though this was a biographical film, it left out many major obstacles the band faced. It was more outside depiction instead of an inner one.

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