Club Spotlight: Pride Alliance

pride flag

By: Isabelle Mokotoff

As a school abundant with diversity, it should be no surprise that North Springs’ Pride Alliance is thriving! From big events such as attending Atlanta’s Pride Festival to small club events on the school campus, this organization is doing its part to ensure that all North Springs Spartans, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, feel like they have a strong community backing them. I spoke to the club’s founders, Audra Buffington and Josh Sparks, to get the inside scoop on all things Pride.

  • The Oracle: What makes Pride Alliance unique?
  • AB & JS: We are unique because we provide a safe space for all students regardless of sexuality or gender identity. We constantly try to incorporate our message of spreading acceptance into our community and school. I feel very fortunate to go to a school where so many people around me can empathize with my struggles from first-hand experience. I understand that even in a first world country like America, not everyone is lucky enough to have a community like our Pride Alliance Club so I definitely don’t take its existence for granted. 
  • The Oracle: What is the coolest experience that you have had through Pride Alliance?
  • AB & JS: [We] think the coolest experience I’ve had is going to Pride [Atlanta’s Pride Festival] with our members. Also tied for first place would be having a theme-week in our school dedicated to both our club and the message of accepting people. –
  • The Oracle: What impact that Pride Alliance has had on your life? It has impacted me by opening my eyes to the diverse and loving nature of our entire school community. I also feel as if I better understand the variety of perspectives coming from the LGBTQ+ community. –

If I want to join Pride Alliance, how can I? Come talk to Audra Buffington and Josh Sparks! We will add you to the GroupMe.

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