Club Spotlight: National Art Honor Society


By: Isabelle Mokotoff

Through doing art projects in the local Sandy Springs community, the North Springs Chapter of the National Art Honors Society makes the world around us a brighter, and more aesthetically-pleasing, place. In addition to helping the community prosper, this club also gives North Springs students the opportunity to harness their artistic skills and compile their art portfolios for college applications. After interviewing a veteran member, Virginia Fuss, I got the inside scoop on this wonderful organization.

  1. What makes the North Spring Chapter of the National Art Honors Society unique? We are willing to collaborate with other schools, such as Mt Vernon. We want the entire Sandy Springs community to experience a more beautiful world through art, so why not broaden the scope?
  2. What is the coolest experience that you have had through the National Art Honors Society? We visited the University of Georgia and walked through their Ceramics and Art building. It really made excited for my future in art, whether on the collegiate on professional level!
  3. The impact that the National Art Honors Society has had on your life? I am confident that being a member of the National Art Honors Society will increase my chances of getting into a great college. I also want to go into the field of architecture and industrial design and being part of this organization will provide me with the skills to be successful in my career and incorporate art into my career.

If I want to join the National Art Honors Society, how can I? To join, apply at the beginning of the 2019/2020 school year! Email Mrs. Delleria at

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