North Springs Basketball

by Senam Quartey

north springs basketball

The Spartans of North Springs are ready to hoop. Everyone was excited and energetic about the first game of the basketball team’s season. Head coach Charles Parks has high expectations for his players this year. He set the goal to reach the playoffs and go past the first round.
Of course, their first obstacle was the KIPP Atlanta Warriors. The team played their first game against KIPP Atlanta on Tuesday, November 13th. Sadly the Spartans lost a close game 52-48. Even with the loss, players like Levi Santiful and Mike McKenzie hope to bounce back and make this season a success.
A few sport athletes are competing on the team this year, too. A plethora of North Springs football players tried out for the basketball team and three made it. Mike McKenzie, Jaron Bradley, and Torice Antoine have joined the team and hope to be contributing players on a  team that is trying to find its identity early on in this season.

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