Halloween Quiz


By: Dream Nelson

1. What are your plans this Halloween?

a. Watch scary movies with the fam

b. Sit alone and eat candy

c. Go trick or treating

d. Go to a costume party


2. If you participated in a group costume what would you be

a. The end of the horse

b. Power rangers

c. The cast of Riverdale

d. Moth part of the duo Moth and Lamp


3. You see a take one bowl outside of an empty house. You…

a. Take two

b. Take a handful

c. Pour half the bowl into your bag

d. Take all the candy including the bowl


4. What is the scariest movie you’ve ever see?

a. Coraline

b. Insidious

c. Children of the Corn

d. Paranormal Activity


5. Tim Burton movies are…

a. Creepy

b. Meh


d. Kids movies


6. What was your favorite costume as a kid?

a. A princess

b. A gorilla

c. A demon

d. A witch


7. How did you spend last years Halloween?

a. Went to a haunted house

b. Did nothing because Halloween is for children

c. Passed out candy

d. Hung out with friends


8. What is your favorite Halloween candy?

a. Hershey’s

b. Starbursts

c. Kit Kat

d. Candy Corn


9. How old is too old to trick or treat?

a. 13

b. 10

c. never

d. 18


10. Which costume is the worst costume?

a. A native America

b. A moth

c. A shirt that says costume

d. An actual scary costume


Stop Here Before Results





Mostly a’s: a fairy

Mostly b’s: a skeleton

Mostly c’s: a zombie

Mostly d’s: Be apart of a group and dress up at the Power Puff Girls

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