Club Spotlight: Latin Club

By: Virginia Fuss

Along with National Latin Honors Society, this club is designed to bring students closer to the ancient Latin language and culture. During school meetings, they like to play buzzer games and trivia to test their knowledge in a fun and engaging way. Outside of this, bigger projects are taking place. Jackie Anderson, the president of this club, says, “We are redoing the outdoor classroom and having a toy drive for the children’s hospital.” Along with this, they also plan to get together outside of school to attend “toga bowling nights” or go Christmas caroling (in Latin!) in the winter.

Being a very well-constructed club, they will be able to achieve a lot this year. Of all their excursions, one stands out. Jackie is working hard to get the club and its members to take a trip to Nashville. There, they will partake in Latin and Greek education activities, such as academic bowl competitions. It’s a great opportunity to show their language skills and be exposed to others learning the same culture. In all, this club is a fun way to expand one’s horizons and earn credits on a national level!

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