North Springs Club Spotlight: NSHS Comedy Club

newwebsite_redwhiteComedy Club

By: Virginia Fuss

This club, run by junior Lindsey Mattei as president, is a place for all those who call themselves comedians. They accept and welcome all types of humor, whether it is dark, dad, or dopey. During club meetings, they write comedy sketches, trade laughable pieces, and preform hilarious skits. Members get into small groups and come up with dynamic plots, which are then shared to be spun into fantastic outcomes. “Most people just come for the food we bring,” she jokes. But that doesn’t negate the fact that this may just be the funniest club in the school.

When asked about the purpose for her club, Lindsey says, “We want to create an environment where students are able to relieve their stress through comedy.” She truly has a passion for comedy and all of its positives and is so willing to share it with the school. For those who are still looking for great clubs to join, she’s searching for those who are creative thinkers. The goal, she says, is to create comedic scripts, so if someone is able to think quickly on their feet, that’s always a bonus. The comedy club president leaves us with this iconic one liner, “Shout out to the sidewalks…for keeping me off the streets.”


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