North Springs Thespians Haunt Sandy Springs

by Elaine Berger

TheUndecidded (2)

Thomas Boswinkle, Genevieve Cortez, and Josh Sparks are the North Springs Dead. (Photo: Genevive Cortez).

For the second year in a row, the North Springs Thespian Society, along with general theatre members, participated in the Haunted Sandy Springs Graveyard Tour. Many students jumped at their chance to join this year’s troupe after many of their friends participated last year.

The majority of the characters portrayed by students in the Thespian Society were based on real people, including Clara Spruell, relative of Wilson E. Spruell, who helped build the Sandy Springs Methodist Church. In fact, many participants stood at their gravestones.

While it was a cold rainy night with many cast members knocked out for the count due to illness, the students who participated enjoyed embracing their ghoulish characters. We can’t wait for next year!


Gruesome is as gruesome does (Photo: Genevive Cortez).

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