North Springs Club Spotlight: How to Write for NSHS Echo Literary Magazine!

By: Isabelle Mokotoff


The staff of Echo Lit Mag during Senior week. From L to R: Nina Schwelm, Brenda Maya, Dy’Nasia Johnson, Kimberly Lawson, Alma Kent, pictured with Oracle staff writer Isabelle Mokotoff (far R). Not pictuted: Staf member Khalil Kelafti.

Echo is the North Springs’ Literary Magazine; a platform through which our most creative students can write short stories, poems and scripts. After interviewing two of its veteran writers, Brenda Maya and Dy’Nasia Johnson, I got the inside scoop on all things Echo.

  • What makes Echo unique? Firstly, we are a club and a class. Although we do fully embrace our freelance writers, this dual-involvement truly increases our dedication to the organization. Another factor which makes Echo unique is the people. Our members are always looking for away to liven up the way we run Echo. For example, last year we hosted our first annual Publication Day – a mini Scholastic-Book Fair dedicated to selling current and previous Echo publications. This event occurs during the school-day and is open to any class during any period. Look for it this December!
  • What is the coolest experience that you have had through Echo? By far, the coolest experience I’ve had through Echo is the sense of pride I get from completing an edition. We submit our books to many associations, including the National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) and the Georgia Scholastic Press Association (GSPA). Almost every year we get ranked in the superior. Although we write purely for the joy of writing, it is so validating to see someone recognize your hard work.
  • The impact that echo has had on your life? Obviously, Echo has helped me improve writing skills. Writing is a skill that one utilizes throughout their entire life, so to be able to write well at a young age gives me confidence in my future. Echo is also a majority female club. Great things have been accomplished in this club, largely in part of women. From this, I obtain my own sense of empowerment, and hopefully, inspire other young girls to follow their dreams.
  • If you want to submit pieces to Echo/ join Echo:
    1. Email
    2. Email Mr. Throne at
    3. Visit room E223

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