North Springs Club Spotlight: NSHS Anglers Club

IMG-4954 (1)

By: Nelson Cummiskey

North Springs is a melting pot of cultures and that is reflected in its clubs. One of such clubs is the North Springs Anglers Club. This club encourages fishing in local areas as well as promotes the outdoors. With meetings taking place at the Roswell Mill to the banks of the Chattahoochee. This club creates an adventurous environment that encourages everybody’s imagination as well as having lots of fun.

When asked what people do in the Anglers Club, Avi Pearlman, said, “At these meetings the club partakes in fishing, eating, building bonfires, and general outdoor activities.  As a club, we are a group of students who are unified through the love of the outdoors and fishing. The Angler’s Club is a great outlet to make new friends, learn new things, and enjoy the outdoors.” This club is much more than just fishing. People who love the outdoors have a place in this club even if they don’t fish. According to one of the club leaders, they meet at a certain location and then go to their fishing spot with everyone there. They will make hot dogs on a grill and catch some “fatties.” One thing they are focused on this year is including everyone. They provide fishing gear for everyone so if you don’t have any or you can’t afford any they have you covered. This club was created out of a love for fishing and the outdoors and Co-Presidents Avi Pearlman and Alec Rosenthal would love to share their passion with as many people as they can.

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