North Springs Club Spotlight: NSHS CBI Club

CBI1 (2)

CBI Headquarters,

By: Dream Nelson

The CBI club here at North Springs is dedicated to helping our special needs peers with anything they could need. This club dedicates their time to make these students feel included, raise money for them, and volunteer with them.

CBI3 (2)

Spartan Special Olympics: One of the great events sponsored by CBI!

Not only is this club bettering our North Springs community but it is also extremely generous when giving volunteer hours to its members, which all students at North Springs need in order to graduate. The president of this club is Ethan Goldberg, he is a junior here at North Springs. He works with Tyndale Maldubike to encourage understanding and respect between special needs students and their peers.

President: Ethan Goldberg, Tyndale Maldubike 

CBI2 (2)

CBI is ubiquitous

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