NSHS Phalanx: The (Year)Book of Memories

by Nelson Cummiskey

The yearbook has come a long way. Here’s how you can get your copy.

One day, far from now, you may be wondering what people in your high school are up to. Then you’ll start to think of all the great memories you had back in the “good ole days.” You will look around for anything to help you remember your past life in those four glorious years of hanging out with friends and staying up late whether to party or study for a test. Then you find it. The one thing that will trigger all the happy memories from the glory days: Your high school yearbook.

This year’s North Springs yearbook (which is called Phalanx) is led by Mrs. Zachry and her wonderful student staff. They are working hard to get photos from your sports season into the book, as well as your student pictures that will be remembered by classmates for years to come. From putting in senior quotes to quotes of the athletes, the yearbook staff does it all, including going out into the community and finding sponsors to help finance this book of memories.

Yearbook (2)
This year’s dedicated yearbook staff. From L to R: Charley Plumly, Ariana Dineberg, Annie Echemendia, Turner Templeton, Emma Plumly, Lance Brown, Evan Nathanson, Amaris Frenchman.


To get a yearbook, all you have to do is to Jostens.com and search for North Springs. Originally offered at a reduced rate as part of a “Publications package” along with the Literary magazine and sponsorship of this website, they now cost $75 until the end of the semester and you can still customize your yearbook with your name and customizable icons until March.

If you are member of a student club, then club photos are going to be taken either in January or early February.

If you want to submit photos that you think would go well in the yearbook, such as candids and photos rom school events,  you can send them to northspringsyearbook1@gmail.com.


Yearbook sponsor Ms. Zachry. Serve her or you will be destroyed.

For those who think they can take the yearbook to a higher level, you can join the class if you are going to be a sophomore or junior next year, so you can commit to at least two years of membership. Mrs. Zachry is the sponsor; she organizes everything and is essentially the dictator of the class: Essentially, if you join yearbook you do what she says or get kicked out.

The layout, which is designed by students who use online software provided by Jostens is wonderful and I am looking forward to getting this book of memories when it is released at the beginning of May. Don’t find yourself without any memories of your past, get your yearbook now because your past will makes you stronger!




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