Summer 2018: Hit or Miss?

by Dream Nelson



“Summer Fading” Artwork by James Bolden


School is back in session and so is the North Springs Oracle. Summer left as quickly as it came, and some students are hoping the school year does the same. Summer ‘18 seemed like one of the shortest summers we’ve had. Maybe it’s because we came back two days earlier than last year, or maybe its because summer was just so much fun we couldn’t wait to get back to it. Summer was a break from all the stress and work we have put on us during the school year, so most students at North Springs were sad to see it go.

I went around North Springs and interviewed students to ask them how they felt about the new school year. Junior Isha Perry says, “I expect a lot of anxiety and depression but… success,” she said.

Perry wasn’t the only one who had anxieties about this school year. Freshman, Alayah Parks stated, “Last year had a lot of drama and bad grades. I hope this year is different.”

“It was a great summer,” said senior Ethan Nathanson,” summing up the feelings of most who will graduate this year and have the most to look forward to. It’s their last year at North Springs, plus they get perks just for making it this far. There’s the senior courtyard, a reduced daily schedule, and the senior Olympics at the end of the year, among other things.

“It felt weird,” said senior Leia Tuck, “Because it was my last summer at home even though I felt that it might not be.”

Although this is supposed to be a fun time for seniors, many of them are sad to leave. Seniors have one last summer before they head to college, the military or heading straight into the workforce. Says Senior, Amir Hadid, “I’m excited to go, but I’m also nervous to leave. All of my friends are going their own way.”

“I’m ready to graduate but I don’t know what the future holds for me, so we’ll see,” says Drew Stevenson.

Other seniors have no qualms about leaving. “Next year is when my life will actually begin, so I am extremely excited for this school year to go by,” says Amir Akinloye.

While summer is over, and the stress the stress of school is back again, students still seem hopeful and dedicated to making this year better than last.

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