NSOracle.com 2018: A Whole New Year

The Oracle begins a new year–with an (almost) new staff!


The 2018-2019 Oracle staff (from L to R: Nelson Cummiskey (Editor-in_Chief), Virginia Fuss (Articles & Features), Senam Quartey (Sports), Isabelle Mokotoff (Current Events), James Bolden (Cartoonist & Illustrator), Dream Nelson (Managing Editor)

Although we haven’t exactly hit the ground running, the Oracle staff is gearing up with a new staff, a series of posts & columns, a new logo, and more! Here to introduce themselves are the 2018-2019 staff:

Nelson Cummiskey (Editor-in-Chief): “I’m a junior here at North Springs. This is my second year in Oracle and I love being able to write for it. The Oracle provides so many amazing opportunities to get my work out into the world. I am the captain of the cross-country team and I love the people, but the running’s only redeeming value is that it keeps me in shape (Kind of… I still get winded walking upstairs). Another thing I love is snacks. They are the best. I can’t wait for a fun year of writing and snacking for the Oracle.”

Dream Nelson (Managing Editor): “I’m a junior at North Springs. I’ve been on the Oracle staff for a year. I enjoy writing and learning more about the students and structure of our school. This year I’m looking forward to writing fun pieces for our online newspaper.”

James Bolden (Cartoonist & Illustrator): “I’m a senior and a North Springs Visual Arts Magnet student. Last year, I started Oracle Comics, a Club which seeks to provide an artistic space to cartoonists and illustrators who enjoy creating their own webcomics and comic books. My interests are cartooning and aviation. I plan to attend the School of Visual Arts in New York and eventually make a business living in cartooning. I like to travel; my favorite place that I’ve been to is the Netherlands. I’m the resident cartoonist and illustrator for NSOracle.com.”


James Bolden, Staff Member & President o the Oracle Webcomics Club.

Virginia Fuess (Articles & Features): “I’m a Junior who enjoys taking photos in my free time, writing articles, and designing websites. My goal this year is to provide articles about the real world, free of bias and full of interesting reasons to help open the eyes of North Springs’ students to the issues of our world. I put a lot of time into this school through sports and extracurriculars, and I can’t wait to write for the Oracle this year!”

Isabelle Mokotoff (Current Events): “Hi! I’m a Junior who likes to write about current events, Middle Eastern politics, and lifestyle trends.”

Senam Quartey (Sports): I’m a North Springs student athlete and aspiring sports journalist. I also write for and help with the North Springs Literary Magazine — I multitask! I hope joining Oracle will help become a better writer and journalist.

Sponsor: Mr. Throne.

Ideas, comments, or questions? Email us at NSOracle2016@gmail.com

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