Quartey’s Back: Football News by Senam Quartey

NS FBall 2018-08-24_026In the past two years North Springs High School football has changed its losing ways into a winning culture. Three years ago, the team went one and 9 (1-9) in the 2015 season. Something very distant from the last two seasons of 6-4 plus two playoff appearances and exits in the first round. Now, in the 2018 season, the Spartans look to build on the success they have had and go deeper into the playoffs.

When asked what the goals for his team were, coach Scott Parkes said that he expects for the young men on the team to win the region, host a playoff game, and break all current school records along with improving and developing his players. His offensive goals include averaging over 30 points per game and over 400 yards of total offense. His defensive goals involve holding opponents to less than 14 points and to force 3 turnovers per game.

NS FBall 2018-08-24_075

Coach Parker also stresses discipline and condition his players to stay in shape. Yet, even to a team on the rise comes certain weaknesses. Parker stated that he feels his players wait until the second half to put full effort into games. This is obviously not what he wants, and he reiterated that the team is doing everything to improve that every day. Yes, the team is young and newer with a big class of seniors leaving but this team has potential to be great.

Despite having two consecutive playoff seasons, North Springs is ranked 51st out of 56 classification SA schools. This has both players and coaches uneasy and they are using this as fuel to prove the haters wrong. When asked about the ranking, senior linebacker David Cooper said, “Forget the haters, we’re going to be good regardless of rank”.

NS FBall 2018-08-24_112

This echoes a strong sentiment found amongst the players. Seniors Jorge Gonzalez and Zahir Nichols both stated that the team may be small in size, but they make up for it in speed and endurance. Junior Neriyan Brown also expressed the same sentiment, but he also harps on the teams hard work and dedication.

Though the team has weaknesses, these players seem to have the mindset to eliminate those shortcomings and only get better… and possibly bring home a state championship. Good Luck Spartans!!!

NS FBall Pic

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