The Biggest Pet Peeves in School


Jessie ponders life in school.

by Jessie Reyes


I’m pretty sure you all absolutely hate school as much as I do. Just thinking about the word “school” makes me feel extremely stressed out. The word also makes me think about all the things I hate about school and the things teachers and other students do as well. I believe everyone can agree with these pet peeves.


Example #1: When teachers talk during tests.

Stu1 (2)

I’m sitting in my desk eagerly waiting for the teacher to give me the test. I take a quick glance at the test. “Oh 40 questions; I guess this won’t be as bad,” I say to myself. I write my name, date, and period and answer to the first question. Then the teacher goes, “Alright don’t forget to write the period and date. Also on number 13, there’s an error. It’s supposed to say ‘American world’ not ‘Canadian.’ You see I was watching a show last night while I was making the test and I completely forgot to change it.”

I change the error and continued with test. Minutes later, I hear: “I will take 20 points off your test if I find you cheating.” Then again “I have already answered this question and will not answer this again.” Yes, I’m aware you’re trying to help us but at the same time, I’m trying to concentrate on this test when there’s a 50%-50% chance I may pass or fail. My mind goes blank when teachers keep talking.

Example #2: The day you don’t have the answer to the question is the day you get called on.

PickOn (2)

I start answering every question that seem easy enough to answer. But then I come across those stupid questions that I just don’t understand. I reread them so many times, but it all may as well be in Chinese. So I skip those hard questions and move on.

Then the teacher says, “Alright, you guys have two more minutes; finish where you are. Also, we are going to review each question, and I will call on one of you to answer them.”

Just hearing a teacher saying that makes me want to die. I’m panicking because I don’t have the answers to the hard questions. I’m sitting in my seat praying and crossing my fingers that if I get chosen, that it’s an easy question that I’ve answered.

“Alright number 5, Jessica?”

I’m sitting in my seat hoping that the teacher will pick someone else but I simply say aloud “I don’t know.” But then they insist “Think about it….”

They spend like 5 minutes waiting for me to give an answer by giving me clues. Meanwhile the whole class is staring at me thinking “Is she really that stupid? This question is so easy.” But as the teacher picks someone else to help, I’m relived that the spotlight is off me.


Example #3: Giving too much homework

So, apparently there’s this rule that teachers shouldn’t give assignments or projects on the same day, but they all absolutely hate us and just do it anyway. I hate when I have stacks of homework ready to be finished all in one night. Like, excuse me amazing teachers, I have a personal life too that must be taken care of. I know school is important, but let’s get this straight, no offense, but I’m pretty sure half of the stack is about things we won’t need in the future. They’re just assignments that waste my time. Homework stresses everyone out so much that they just tend to procrastinate. It’s just not going to happen.


Example #4: When teachers don’t allow students to go to the bathroom


“Excuse me, Mr./ Mrs. _______, May I use the restroom?”

The teacher stares at me for a few seconds after I ask this, then says “No.”

Why can’t I go to the bathroom? What if I have some lady problems I have to be taking care of but you’re not letting me use it? Yeah I know, you probably think I’m going to skip, but the real reason is that I just need to go to the bathroom. It’s not that hard to say no. It’s not like I can hold it in; it’s bad for my body.



On the flip side, I’ve also put myself in teachers’ shoes because I’ve also seen them struggle through these common situations and I think this should be seen in a fun way. So I pretended that I’m a teacher, and here are the things I might think and say.


Example #1: Students who always argue for the smallest reasons.

argument (2)

In my classroom, I’m giving assignments, providing them with all the information they may need to complete it or due dates. After several days have passed, the due day arrives.

“Alright students, please turn in the worksheet from last week.”

Then there’s the few students who claim I “didn’t” explain the assignment or the due date. Well, obviously because you’re always on your phone or speaking when I’m teaching. Then the student gets mad, they repeatedly claim I didn’t say anything for the past 40-50 minutes. Then there goes a huge argument about how I didn’t help them, then we bring administration and students get more mad saying they didn’t do anything and I’m overexagerating.

I feel so irritated for simply wasting my time on this student over something little when they could’ve just asked a friend, turned in the assignment late or they could’ve talked to me one-on- one, and we would’ve tried figuring something out instead of making a huge scene.


Example #2: When students talk over teachers when giving important information out.

sub (2)

“As a teacher, I’m taking my time in order to provide these lovely students the right information in order to pass. I’m patiently standing at the front of the class flipping through the Powerpoint, then I see the wild students speaking over me. I stand there quietly to see if they’ll get the memo that I’m waiting for them to settle down. Still no response.

With a friendly reminder I say, “In the back, please be quiet, some students are actually trying to learn.”

As I keep talking, they continue to speak. My patience level has decreased but suddenly I could care less about the students in the back. I’ve tried warning them many times and it seems like they couldn’t cared less about their education. Weeks later, when they fail their tests, they’re going to blame me for not teaching them the criteria.

Example #3: Answering questions that have already been answered.

hands (2)

After giving the last bit of information to the students, I always ask at the end “any questions?” After answering several questions, there are many students who keep asking the same questions that have already been answered. Sadly, they haven’t been able to hear since they’re always talking or on their phones.

Example #4

When students give me incomplete work.

Paper (2)

It’s the due date, there are some students who haven’t even started on their assignment, and others who have completed them. There are many students who turn in assignments that are incomplete. The students don’t know that sometimes I look through those major assignments and see lots of sections blank, thinking I’m not going to see it. I mean sometimes, it’s pretty rare. I just give a quick view and put 100.




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