Pro/Con: Should Cell Phones Be Banned from School?

For the Defense: Dream Nelson & Makayla Scerbo: Cell Phones are a Necessity

The debate for students to use their cell phones in school has been an ongoing topic of discussion since students began to have cell phones. Cell phones provide security, communication, entertainment, and the Internet for students. Some argue that they are distractions, but they are a necessity to the school day. Teachers frequently have students participate in activities that require phones, such has practice sites like Kahoot, Quizzizz, and Quizlet. One time, we had a visiting student from China shadowing us at school; the only way we could communicate with him in Mandarin was through use of our phones.

If a parent or guardian needs to contact a student instead of going through the school, they have the ability to contact the child directly which is better in cases of emergency. Throughout the school day, students also experience many chances for free time. Cell phones entertain students, so they don’t distract their peers who might have work to complete.

The rights that students are given to carry their cell phones in school is something that shouldn’t be taken away, especially in a public school setting. Parents and guardians are providing their children with cell phones for a reason: so that when they are away from them, they can stay in contact with them. The public school system should not have the authority to take that form of communication between a parent and a child.

It is understandable for a teacher to confiscate a cell phone if the student is misusing it, but for the entire school to ban their use in schools is unrealistic and ridiculous. Many teachers and parents have considered this approach but it hasn’t gone far with any school county because the people in charge are aware of the consequences that can take place if this rule was enforced.

Students of schools who would enforce this rule would certainly not abide by it. The removal of cell phones at this point would be grossly unfair; there are better ways to handle a child with distractions than ripping away their form of communication.

Students are so used to having their phones now that to take them away would cause undue, unnecessary anxiety. Phone provide music, which is proven to help people focus and learn, something critical to the learning environment.


For the Prosecution: Nelson Cummiskey: Cell Phones are Not Needed

Phones in school have been a controversial topic. Ever since they were invented, kids have been using them in school. From the brick, to the flip, to the touch screen, phones have been a part of school life for a while. This introduction of new technology has created new problems for teachers with the new distraction that keeps kids from doing their work. These distractions should be non-issues, but kids have been addicted to them for way too long.

One reason that phones are not helpful in school is that they distract from teacher’s instruction. Teachers are already in a constant struggle against other students to gain the attention of the class and phones add a whole new dimension to that fight for interest. Instead of just having to fight with the class clown, teachers now have to fight against the technology every student in their class is addicted to. Mrs. Davis, a teacher here at North Springs, when asked whether or not students should have phones, said, “No, because it’s a distraction to their learning.” Mrs. Davis teaches chemistry and if a student’s attention slips from the lesson for even a minute, they will be quite lost and force the entire class to go back over it. Phones don’t only hurt the users, they hurt everyone else.

When asked whether students should have cell phones with them during the day, Mr.Hunt said, “No, because students have other devices they can use.” Using phones in class takes an unnecessary risk of that student getting off task and completely missing the content of the lesson.

Phones in the classroom can be very poor factors in a students grade. The student will not learn the content of the class because they are too focused on social media or texting or whatever. It also causes stress because people are so worried about what is going on in their world on their phone that they lose sight of what’s important: the real world. Mrs.Henriques solution is: “A rule for students to put their phones up that is enforced throughout the year. Unless teachers are using them for class, [phones] shouldn’t even be seen.”

Phones cause distraction in the school that cannot be overlooked. The magnitude of harm that they cause on students and their grades has to stopped and the only way is to not use them at all.



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