(Almost) Infinite Stars for Infinity War

guest review by William Edmonston


I’m assuming you all have seen Infinity War because of how it’s grossed almost $550 MILLION in the U.S., but it’s still nice to think back on it. It’s quickly become the biggest superhero movie and one of the most successful movies in history and it’s all in good reason: it was crazy. From the crazy fight scenes, to the comedic jests between Doctor Strange and Iron Man, to the buddy quirks between Thor and Rocket, and the craziness that is Thanos’s entire character to what is possibly the saddest moment in MCU history, this movie was a trip from start to end.

When the movie starts we’re greeted with our first two heartbreaks and it instantly sets the mood. You immediately think to yourself, “This is how the movie’s going to be” and it’s a heavy epiphany. It’s crazy, but what else is crazy that you only get a couple minutes of grace before the first big scene starts to build up.
Another fight scene and a cool new suit later, we see everyone’s favorite Guardians meet everyone’s favorite Thor and it’s a match made in heaven. The comedy both series bring is amazing.
We see an attack in France, the Avengers outcasts’ reveal, more comedy and more craziness. About half-way through the movie we see the best character development Thanos could’ve ever gotten and it hurt your soul (ha). A sad defeat on a planet and another sad and heart-wrenching loss later, we get to that big moment that’s been looming over everyone’s head and it was incredible. Obviously it was extremely sad but it was such an amazing scene.
 My overall opinion on the movie is that it’s amazing; it truly moves your emotions with its comedy, feeling and twists that really hurt. You’ll leave wanting to watch it at least 15 more times and you’ll crave new movies. With everything that happened you’ll wonder “How will they recover from this?” and it’s a justified question to ask; they left barely anything to work with in terms of Avengers 4.
I give Avengers: Infinity War a 9/10 –the -1 is because despite all the good I’ve said, everything happened so fast and I wish there were more interactions between the characters.

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