Final Staff Reflections


Jessie, Makayla, Nelson, and Dream sign off!

Our staff signs off with their final thoughts for the year.

Nelson Cummiskey

 This school year was particularly rough. This year (sophomore year) was the first year of a ton of work. Also, I couldn’t drive to school because I couldn’t get my license in time. In addition, my stop is at the beginning of the bus route so I had to be on the curb at 7:30 am. So with little sleep due to homework and not being able to do a lot of it because of lack of knowledge, this year was quite frustrating. I constantly fought with my grades and no matter how loud I yelled at the computer screen, they didn’t change. I can only hope that next year will get better because I will be taking fewer classes that I don’t care about. Motivation will come easier and hopefully sleep as well. Hopefully my Junior year will see more sleep and less stress…right?


Dream Nelson

This school year has not only changed my views on the school system, but about the people I surround meselff with. Our school saw hate speeches, bathrooms without toilet paper (for weeks), drug busts, and mad disrespectful students. But that’s why I love this school; it’s so diverse that something new happens every week. Don’t get me wrong; I think school doesn’t prepare students in the slightest way for real life. But, if I had to pick one school to be miserable at, I’m glad it’s North Springs. The kids here accept each other even if they have nothing in common. Sometimes the staff can be annoying, but they always have to best intentions for the students. I lost friends and gained friends and can say I’m an overall better person from my experiences this year. I’m not going to miss this place for a second once I leave, but at least my experience was a little less horrifying because of the friendships I made here. So thank you to all of my teachers and all of the students who weren’t total jerks all year long. Also shout out to my best friend, Isha Perry; she is the smartest and prettiest girl I know. Happy Birthday, love. I’ll miss you.


Makayla Scerbo

The end of this year is bittersweet…actually it’s just sweet. This school has some great people but a horrible building. A lot of kids got suspended this year. Even me! What a year. Honestly I’ll miss this school. I’ll miss the bathrooms with no toilet paper and the kid who ate a dead cockroach. But most of all just remember hand Sanitizer is a conspiracy that doesn’t work. Hand sanitizer doesn’t replace soap teachers. 

Jessie Reyes

Well, goodbye lovely readers. After all the cries, stress, up and downs, and procrastinating last minute, it’s now finally time to wrap these things up. Take a deep breath and inhale all the summer vibes. I’ve got to say, the saying “junior is your hardest year” was something I didn’t believe. I was like, c’mon, they’re exaggerating! Junior year is probably just like any other year.” But then Junior year slapped me really hard this year.

Despite all the emotional breakdowns and sleeping very late, it was all worth it at the end. To all my teachers, I’ve got to say thank you for all your amazing teachings but I don’t forgive you for the overloads of work you made me suffer through. Half of the things you’ve given us weren’t even necessary for the school year! But either way, I’m grateful for you trying to prepare me for my future.

If I could restart my whole high school journey, I would honestly have pushed myself a little harder. Perhaps I could’ve joined more clubs, tried a sport or commit more to school. I really hope I am push my sister to do the things I didn’t do so she can have a successful high school journey. As I’m slowly signing off, I’d like to say it was a pleasure to part of the NS Oracle. Simply being able to unfold thoughts, capturing moments, and following around with current events. I also had tons of fun with the other members of the team and I think we successfully did a great job with all these articles.

Speaking of jobs, I wanted you to know that I’m excited because I just got paid! But now I’m going to sign off. So you all have a great summer and hope to see you all next year 🙂 Also good luck to any future journalism team members!

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