The Day Our Lives Begin to End


ShootB (2)

Op/Ed by Jessica Reyes


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”

-Martin Luther King.

Many pure voices are lost within the cracks of the world. Their words and actions are becoming meaningless to society as they are taken down one by one. Walter L. Scott was in North Charleston when he was stopped by patrol Michael T. Slager who was an officer on duty. Mr. Slager stopped him for a broken taillight. Within that moment, Mr. Scott was filled with fear that caused him to run. Officer Slager shot 8 bullets towards his back.

Officer Slager was eventually fired, arrested, and convicted of murder or voluntary manslaughter. Some police are always doing things their ways without knowing the consequences. When will the lives of innocent people be important towards society?

I believe the right thing that should’ve been done in this situation was eventually catch up to Mr. Scott and demand him to get on the floor and perhaps put him in handcuffs. It wasn’t right for Mr. Slager to easily find the solution by shooting him in order to stop him. Many police officers don’t respect the oaths and promises they have taken in order to be in the spot they’re in. They believe by their title they’re entitled to do many different things that they shouldn’t do.

It is fortunate that many people do look upon officers and respect their names, but it has come to a point where polices are taking advantage of their title. Society expects to be protected by officer who should confront violent individuals with deadly force. These days you see many police officers doing things they perhaps would’ve never done in the past. Today you see many police abusing people such as beating them to death or simply shooting them for no reason. Some police take their anger and hatred on one by believing that each person that are alike to that individual are the same.

I believe it was right for Mr. Slager to be sentenced for the rest of his life in jail for being responsible of his actions. Many people’s fear police because they don’t feel as protected as others. Their words and innocence is being corrupted. Our 1st amendment was created to develop freedom of speech, but today society isn’t able to use that right. If Mr. Scott had the right to speak up after running away due to the fear of being treated exactly the same as any other innocent man like him, everything would’ve been different.

Everyone’s life matters in this world, which is why everyone deserves the chance to speak up what they believe in but without violence. Mr. Slager’s mouthing “I’m sorry” to the mother of Mr. Scott means absolutely nothing now. Those words should’ve been said before he thought about shooting Mr. Scott in Charleston.

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