Opinion: Words Demand to be Heard

Silence (2)

by Jessica Reyes Torres

They say that words must demand to be spoken in order to be heard.

They also say that every word has a great meaning attached. But have you ever questioned, Does it really? Today outspoken words aren’t heard. Today words are meaningless and a joke. Today those words you’ve once cried, shouted, or even said are all thrown away. Those words aren’t anything anymore. They were crushed and shattered into billions of pieces. You have been shut down permanently in a manner in which you have say in nothing. You are gone. Those words are kept in your mind, with no way out. Instead you swallow your words and allow them to become tears. Every clear tear that’s slowly running down your face represents a sentence, a word, a paragraph. Why can’t these valuable words be used anymore?

Living this “perfect” American Life has brought me to realization that the First Amendment doesn’t mean anything any more. How are we simply able to express ourselves when we are always being shut down? There are families being torn apart for not listening to reason anymore. Everyone just focuses on the negative perspectives of others.

For example: Immigrants, These helpless people are being shut down without a word or voice. They’re protesting for what they truly want in this world. They’ve come to this world to receive freedom and lose all connection to the poverty, violence and death they may have known prior to moving to America., which is now their home as they live the American dream.

Thee people don’t necessarily have every rights every American Citizen has, but why can’t they be treated equally just as those others? Their words don’t mean anything to this world; they are treated with hatred and betrayal as if they committed some heinous act. Those who shut them down don’t realize how much these immigrants have benefited others who were already here, then, suddenly, their words don’t mean anything. That’s just as dreadful as Police Brutality and Racial Discrimination.

Innocent people are being locked up behind metal bars, depressed, wishing their words could have had power over their judges; now their words are being swallowed up with no way out as police who feel empowered with a simple title believe that they’re capable of treating innocence with brutality.

If we live in America and are supposed to have have the right to speak, why can’t we just simply speak? Americans say they’re supposed to support freedom of speech, but how can that be if they always turned down and turn away others who should have those rights but whose voices aren’t being heard? This is why many live in fear — with all the horrendous policies against the freedom of those who were promised freedom, who has the confidence of speaking up if it isn’t even worth a try?

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