Videogame Guide: Fortnite: The Way We Play


by Nelson Cummiskey

Fortnite is a game that has taken the Internet by storm and it doesn’t show any sign in slowing. With the new season coming up, little time to get new skins, and the game recently being released on mobile, people are going crazy on all systems. Since the game isn’t that new, people who have been playing it for a while have developed their own playing styles. Some are good, some are bad, some are just to have fun. But when put together on an island, they all have advantages and disadvantages.

The first of the playing styles is “the no-skin.” This player either has very little experience because they haven’t been good enough to get a skin or they don’t care enough about the game to bother to buy the battle pass, which allows for so many cool things available for unlocking. The “no skin” is usually an easy elimination and doesn’t take much effort to get. They do, however, like to run around and pick up loot, so when you eliminate others, they have some nice loot to pick up. No-skins also tend to just stand in one place and shoot at things; they are an easy target when sniping. Overall, don’t be a no-skin, but hope that others are.

The next type of player is the “The Sniper.” Snipers must be very patient and very good at hiding. These players can be very annoying due to their ability to strike unexpectedly and from out of nowhere. Once they find a sniper rifle, they find, or build themselves a comfy spot to sit and wait for some poor soul (like a no-skin) to wander out into the open and lose all their loot. The sniper is very committed because it takes a while to be able to have the kind of aim necessary to shoot someone, especially from a long distance. Also, if someone comes behind you and pulls out a short-range gun, then that sniper is somewhat useless. “The Sniper” is very annoying and can be a pain in the neck when you can’t even see them.

The next type of player is “The Builder” who could also be called “The Resource Guy.” This player is the kind that is so obsessed with getting materials that he barely has the time to get weapons. One can usually find him at the end of a game hiding in a fort with little effort put in place to eliminate him.

The last and most annoying player is “The Hider.” This player likes to find a singular gun and hide out somewhere aimed at the door. This player steels positions away from those who play the game. Once the game is winding down, it becomes annoying having to look out for these players because you can’t tell if they are going to be good or not. This is by far the worst adversary to play with and is always carried by their teammates in squads.

Everyone who plays Fortnite has their own playing style; some are more effective than others. Finding your own style is the key to having fun. The game is fun for all players and there is something for everyone to find.

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