“Tikis and Tuxedos” Torpedoed as Prom cancelled*



Sad but true: Excessive “Promposals” have led to the cancellation of the 2018 prom.**

“Tikis and Tuxedos” Torpedoed as Prom cancelled*

by Makayla Scerbo

North Springs High School has cancelled the Senior Prom due to planning and preparations becoming an enormous distraction to instructional time. Prom was originally going to take place on April 20th, but due to recent circumstances, the Prom, which was billed as “Tikis and Tuxedos,” has been cancelled. The administration also announced that refunds would not be given this year, but students could apply their fee to next year or wait for a partial refund.

The administration says the reason for the cancellation is that “Promposals” have become a huge distraction. “The number of tardies skyrocketed last month due to students’ witnessing a big song and dance from their significant others in the hallway,” says Administrative Assistant Carrie Carreras.

Carreras says that too many students were using the time between classes to ask someone to Prom, as well as sending students without passes to delivery of all kinds of messages to the people they wanted to ask out. “Due to excessive tardies, ISS and suspensions have risen in the past month,” she reports.”  Over 120 suspensions have been placed upon different seniors.”

“I can’t keep up with the list, but it keeps growing,” says Coach Ardeeser, who monitors the ISS room and coordinates OSS announcements.


Tikis and Tuxedos have been Torpedoed due to the uptick of “Promposals” interfering with student learning.**


The administration also believes that many students won’t be prepared for their EOCs and AP exams. Notes Ms. Carreras, who is also the NSHS testing coordinator, “The state won’t allow us to push back testing dates, so we’re going to have to make it up by canceling prom.”

Ms. Carreras also added, “That announcement that came over the PA today about students who prepay can take the whole day off? We just wanted to see if people believed us. We’re still cancelling prom.”

In fact, several teachers who were planning to chaperone the event said they will now offer AP Review sessions in the cafeteria on Friday evening in place of prom.

“I wasn’t doing anything anyway,” said Mr. Bengston. “When I wasn’t up to my eyeballs in APUSH papers, I spent most of Spring Break either shouting at the news or re-watching The Last Jedi, so I might as well hold a review session to get away from it all.”

“I doubt that anyone will come,” says AP Lang teacher Mr. Zand. “If nobody shows up, I can at least get some grading in.”

Assistant Principal Eric Jones says that while he understands that while students are upset, learning comes first. “It would have been fine if students issued their proposals over social media on the county-wide March 9th Virtual Learning Day, but they didn’t,” says Jones.

Many teachers reported that despite the state’s intention for the Virtual Learning Day, students instead didn’t do their actual assignments, spent the day posting memes, and planned their next in-school Promposals instead of sending them through Instagram.

“The day was designed as a way for students to make up of one of the many snow days without coming to school,” explains Jones. “What these students have to realize is that there are other ways to make a scene that don’t involve interfering with other students’ learning. If even one student is distracted from learning fractions or binomials because of a singing telegram, we have to step in and prevent that from happening.”

Staff writer Nelson Cummiskey himself witnessed an array of sickening Promposal displays that he felt inhibited his learning. “They make these proposals with posters, bring in cheerleaders, give out cakes–any food in general, really, which as well all know, is not allowed. Because of this, I was late getting a jump on my next article for Oracle.”

For its part, the school has issued an apology, “Our apologies also go out to the parents of the student body.  Juniors who prepaid may apply their purchase towards next year’s prom, We’re also sorry that we couldn’t offer up immediate refunds to seniors, but we are offering a partial rebate that should take care of any media center overdue books or lost textbook fees. Also, please note that all proceeds will go toward renting a venue for next year, preferably something a little closer to home so I don’t have to bring my 3-month old and subject her to today’s music.

Ms. Zachry’s 3-month-old daughter could not be reached for comment.


Ms. Zachry emphasizes that since Seniors won’t be able to attend next year’s prom, they will they may receive a pro-rated rebate for their tickets.

Adds Ms. Carreras:”Refunds will be issued in Sparta Bucks prior to the next prom. “We’re working very closely to ensure that all Sparta buck refunds will be issued smoothly and will not interfere with the three teachers who remember to give them out on a monthly basis,” Carreras says.

As of right now, the projected refund date is 4-1-2019.**

*This article was slated to run on 4/1/18, but due to either a technical glitch or late delivery, was never posted — until now.

**Yes, it was for April Fool’s. You didn’t really think they would cancel prom, did you?


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