APRIL FOOLS! North Springs v. Riverwood Teacher Brawl to be resolved in special match



It’s old school, vs. new school as North Springs teachers prepare to take on the Raiders


by Nelson Cummiskey

North Springs High School and Riverwood High School have a long rivalry on the field, but those tempers flared off the field at the North Ridge Training Center on March 31st. Teachers from both schools were attending a professional learning day entitled “Notebooks & Nearpod,” but everything went wrong when teachers from Riverwood got into a shouting match with teachers from North Springs after boasting about the speed of their Internet and the addition of soda machines in every hall.

Everything appeared civil until one of the Riverwood teachers mentioned something about how how their new school is amazing because it has a teacher lounge that serves stuffed grape leaves and ambrosia . This sparked a proverbial fire that flared on both sides and turned into an all-out brawl. There were chairs, fists, desks, and feet flying as well as insults and words of instigation. Teachers from other area schools got in on the action by taking sides in what can only be termed an “old school vs. new school” brawl over the layout and design of both buildings.

After the dust settled, teachers from both schools had some serious injuries, namely in both math and science departments,  but most of the coaches in attendance surprisingly seemed to be unscathed. The Oracle expects that some teachers may not return after spring break; not because of any punishment, but rather because the two schools have decided to duke it out at the soon-to-be opened City Springs Arts Center in a full-fledged, all -out brawl that will cost attendees a pretty penny; the average ringside seat costs is in the realm of $40,118; all of the money will go to funding a new building that is not in Sandy Springs.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments, which will be revealed on 4/2/2018!


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