APRIL FOOLS! Our Worst Fears Confirmed: School is going on ’til June!



An unidentified teacher prepares lessons for the newly-added school week lasting from May 26-June 1, 2018.


by Dream Nelson

   On Friday March 23rd the Fulton county board of education came together for a final meeting concerning what to do about the nine days of school missed this year due to inclement weather. The superintendent decided that schools would add an extra week to the end of the academic year. This entails school ending on June 1st, instead of finishing on May 26; summer vacation will have to start after Memorial Day.

The county decided to avoid backlash from angry parents and students against cancelling spring break, as is the case in a Maryland  school district, the county decided to give teachers, staff, and students a warning call before making final summer plans.

The real question of why the county is not holding more digital learning days like other counties in Georgia, and as was practiced on March 9th when students who initially had a five-day weekend turn into and three-day weekend, with the Friday out of school designated as a “Virtual Learning Day.”

“We felt that we could use March 30 as a virtual learning day,” said County representative Faye Gnews. “With it being Good Friday, the start of Passover, and so many students and staff calling s=in sick, we figured there would virtually be no learning anyway.”

On the positive side, students will have more study time for finals, a whole extra week for review, and extra time to skip classes, visit the vending machines, and hide from their teachers in the F Hall. How many more minutes until summer? Something along the lines of 40,118.


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