APRIL FOOLS! New tests will greet students before the end of the school year


test2by Jessie Reyes

    Ahhhh…the hot burning summer sun against our skin, the feeling of fine, grainy sand between our toes, the cool splash of the water on our back, and the relief of not having huge piles of work and loads of stress crashing down like a tidal wave. Summer is upon us; no more tests, homework, or projects…Almost there, right?


Anakin would rather be studying than playing on the beach in sand.


Due to the numerous days missed due to Hurricane Irma, the snow days, and the College Championship game, the North Springs board under Principal Hanson, has announced the invoking of a little-known clause* in the school’s charter that will not only allow the school to take advantage of the extended school year (see previously published article by Dream Nelson), but will allow the administration to administer yet another test for students’ final grade.


Artists’ rendition of Oracle staff member taking one of the new NSHS tests


Despite the fact that students already have made up certain days via the folding of teacher workdays into the school year, and the implementation of the March 9th virtual learning day, the school wants to make sure that every student gets additional credits beyond the already high amount required to graduate. The tests will be held throughout April, with schedules changes made yet again, but students will not have to miss any more school. “I’m pleased to say that people have taken so well to the Milestones testing schedule last year,” said the North Springs testing coordinator, “That we will be running tests all day on the football field until the architectural additions to the new building are complete.”


3D model rendition of proposed NSHS testing hall, courtesy of NSHS’ graphic design class and the county’s new SPLOST fund.

*The clause can be found in the school’s charter on page 2018; it is listed under “NSHS 0401.”




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