Cummiskey’s Corner: The Snapchat Update: Update or Downgrade?

by Nelson Cummiskey


The new Snapchat update has not been well-received by the general public. Many people have complained about the complexity of the new version of the app and some have gone so far as to delete the app all together. The app used to have two separate places, one to view stories people post for everyone to see, and another for people who actually sent you a snap picture.

What’s obvious right away to those who view the new Snapchat is the fact that the new update has no specific place to view stories. Instead of posts showing up on your feed for personal snap, each time a person adds something to their story now, the shows up on their friends’ feed. Not only did the placement of Snaps unexpectedly change, but it’s difficult to scroll through and difficult to find.

The people who unexpectedly received the Snapchat update took it harder than those who updated on their own volition. The unexpected lack of navigation that accompanied the app was like a punch in the gut for all Snapchat users, and should be fixed immediately. The resulting problem for Snapchat is the potential loss of so many users (and therefore revenue) due to the unexpected, unnecessary update.

One concern that Snapchat should have, given the new update, is people feeling they don’t need the app at all and dump it. The only thing different about Snapchat from other platforms at this point is that someone can send pictures to someone else fairly easily; however, texting accomplishes the same sort of thing. Instagram has stories and even live videos which snapchat doesn’t have.

Snapchat has several options available to them for fixing these issues. One of these options includes simply changing their app back to the way it was to appease and retain its upset users. Another way of fixing the problem is to include an instructional page that would clearly detail how to navigate around the new and confusing navigation. Snapchat could also change the app’s presentation back to having the stories appear by themselves in a certain area on a person’s feed instead of having them mixed up. Also, allowing users the options to know about and sample an update, rather than force it upon users, would go a long way to preventing animosity. All these fixes are easy to do and would probably draw back a portion of their disgruntled users.

Snapchat should be concerned that it has upset its clientele and fix itself before its internet presence is toppled by competitors. In the Internet world, choosy users will easily flock to something better. Snapchat needs to make fixes before it becomes an Internet ghost town the way Myspace was abandoned like Facebook, just as Facebopok should be concerned that people are abandoning it for issues that are now becoming all-too-familiar to Snapchat users.

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