Yours Truly, Dreamers


by Jessica Reyes


After a recent government shutdown, and a showdown over issues tied to the budget, Congressional leaders have finally agreed to discuss a plan to help understand misconceptions about the ‘DACA’ program and assist those who fall under its purveiw. Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, along with Democratic Minority leader Chuck Schumer, have created a bill which allows 1.8 million “Dreamers” to have Citizenship in an exchange of giving Donald Trump $25 billion from “Government Trust Funds” to create the proposed wall along the Mexican/U.S border.

Senator Tim Kaine recently stated to the Washington Post, “I don’t think that’s the best way to spend money, but look, if I can get protection for Dreamers, I’m prepared to do some things that I don’t think are exactly the best.” In the meantime, President Trump has decided that he will secure both Canadian and Mexican borders with security to allow all to stay put in place. Trump’s standards are extremely high, and his actions complicate the immigration talk significantly; now he has found a way to take advantage to get he wants and give a “promise” for Dreamers.

Trump has always vacillated between giving “Dreamers” a perfect opening to their harsh life. Ever since the beginning of his campaign, when the issue of Immigration were raised, it seems like Trump has been filled with the intent to disrupt the lives of innocent people caught in the political crossfire.  He doesn’t seem to care about families being torn apart after a parent is detained, or when an innocent young boy or girl who was brought to the country through actions not their own, then loses their desired hopes for education after suddenly thrown into having to work (and their dreams thrown into the trash) to support their family.

Why doesn’t the President see that half of these “Dreamers’” parents are the ones who are willing to bathe underneath the burning sun just to provide for their children, the way any parent would. These parents are waiting for a bright future in the hope that soon their kids will be the ones taking care of them. The benefit is taking great advantage is the pointless wall, which has not only been deemed impractical and ineffective, but which divides those who came to America with a hope to be like those who already lived in the country. These are people who came to the United States because they want to escape violence, poverty and death, the way many others have throughout History. Isn’t it the statue of Liberty that says, “Give me, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free the wretched refuse of your teeming shores?”

Why can’t the President see that these “Dreamers” also possess the advantage to create a better U.S. by simply involving themselves as productive members of society? The border wall that Trump wants constructed has been deemed by many to be a waste of money that instead could be used for as creating a Healthcare plan to help those in danger of losing their coverage under insurance company changes to Obamacare plans.

The bottom line is that Trump doesn’t seem know what he truly wants. Every single decision he’s making is clearly opening different paths that will lead to other crucial events, both positive and negative. He claims he will “make America great again,” but all I’ve seen is America being dragged around and falling apart as innocent lives get caught in the middle of political battles. The final result remains to be seen, with the DACA bill deadline of March 5 looming. Regardless of Trump’s attempts, however, either way, the “Dreamers” are still standing next to each other and holding on tight for the seemingly harsh journey that now lies before them.

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