Cummiskey’s Corner: “Once You Get Off the Bus…”: Morning Alternatives to CVS*


by Nelson Cummiskey

Every morning at North Springs, the 8:20 bell rings, and is followed by the morning announcements. Every day, students are told, “Once you are get of the bus and are in the building, you may not leave to go to CVS.” This poses the question: What about going somewhere else? Here are a few places one might go that aren’t CVS.

To those looking for just a bag of chips and a soda, the Gulf gas station right next to the school would be the place for you. After getting to school one could take a short walk to the gas station to get some caffeine or sugar that will help a student get through their day. It doesn’t have great variety, and some of the food on the shelf may have expired, but…it isn’t CVS.

Walgreens. It might be a bit more of a hike, but Walgreens is relatively close and pretty much the same as CVS. It has snacks, candy, drinks, band aids… anything one might need. The only downside is that a student may not get back to school in time for first period, and you have to dodge cars along the way, but, the sign on the store says it all: it isn’t CVS!

Another place one can go instead of CVS is Hammock’s. This would be later in the day but it is still not on the forbidden list. It is a serious restaurant with seriously good food. Wouldn’t be ideal for the morning, but when lunch time comes around, it is also not CVS.

A student could elect to hit the CrossFit gym in the almost abandoned parking lot across from North Springs. This would be a good way to get the grind in early, increase blood flow, and feel good about yourself. For the students, and more specifically student athletes, CrossFit Grinder would be a power charged place to go that isn’t CVS.

An option for a fun-loving few would be to go to Morgan Falls Park and play games like tag and hide & seek. This could be a great way for people who don’t enjoy hardcore CrossFit to get in a little bit of exercise to get the blood flowing a little bit better. And (you guessed it): It’s not CVS!

For the more adventurous few, there is a MARTA station located right next to the school (not counting the fence and trees that stand in the way). One could take a bus downtown and explore all that Atlanta has to offer. This way students will be able to learn about the big city they live in and around which seems to gravitate more traffic than anyone could ever possibly imagine. While you walk the city, there are plenty of places to go–you might pass a CVS and be tempted to go into it, but with so many things accessible by MARTA…you won’t need to go to CVS.

There are many alternatives to going to CVS that apparently aren’t important enough to mention in the announcements. So have fun exploring all these new places that aren’t considered important.

(*Really, you can’t leave campus to go anywhere once you arrive. But you can argue semantics about the morning announcements).

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