“Everything You Just Said is Wrong”: North Spring Teachers Spar Over Latest “Star Wars”

by Makayla Scerbo, with Dream Nelson and the Oracle Staff

By now, everyone on the planet has either seen The Last Jedi or doesn’t care. To paraphrase one reviewer, “Whatever I say won’t matter.” However, The Oracle staff believes that Jedi Masters have great influence on Padawan learners, so we wanted to share with you what some of our teachers thought of the film. Here are the answers we received.

The Last Jedi: Love it, like it, hate it, or didn’t see it?

Ms. Olson: Out of nine films, I rank it between 5 and 7 somewhere.  Rogue One and The Force Awakens were so much better.

Ms. King: I was pleasantly surprised. I loved it. Forthe first time, I avoided being caught up in the trailers, previews and articles leading up to The Last Jedi. I wanted to be surprised. Guess what, it worked!

Ms. Zachry: NEVER SEEN IT.

Mr. Bohenlein: Liked it.

Mr. Bengston: Hated it…and that’s very sad to say considering my love and adoration for this franchise. This film deviated from all storylines and ideas that made the franchise and mythology so wonderful. And I know what people think of me when I say this, “That I don’t appreciate a female heroine.” I counter this with my love for Episode 7 as well as Rouge (sic) One. Episode 8 was written/directed by someone not familiar with the story and I think that really hurt the film and more importantly, the story. Some say this enhanced the story, brought in ‘new blood.’ I disagree and don’t think it needed this “newness.”

What was the best part of the film?

Ms. Olson: Luke Skywalker beast mode and the Kylo/Ray scenes.

Ms. King: Luke Skywalker. I could probably drop the microphone at this point, but I will explain. First of all, I love Episodes IV-V the most! So, I am a fan of Luke, and his sister, Leia. When Rey first meets Luke, she is met with a hermit. This is similar to when Luke met Obi Wan and Yoda. There seems to be a heroic journey that the great Jedi must go through which includes becoming a recluse and then a crazy old man before finding courage again to sacrifice themselves (Obi Wan to Darth Vader and Luke to Kylo Ren). Luke seems so human, as we hear about his existential crisis on that secluded island. I think that I liked his character even more because of it. I could easily accept that he would struggle with the great responsibility of being a Jedi: having to save his father from the dark side and then losing his nephew back to the darks side. Shout outs go to Luke and Leia sharing a tender moment on screen, Luke back in the Millennium Falcon, and Luke jokingly brushing off his shoulder after Kylo berated him with bullets.

Ms. Zachry: NEVER SEEN IT.

Mr. Bohenlein: The motifs of failure and redemption.

Mr. Bengston: Best part of the film was the dialogue between Rey and Luke concerning the Force. I love this mythology and even more so when it is fresh and new and comes from such iconic characters as Luke Skywalker.   I can watch Dagobah scenes over and over for this, and I was happy to have some fresh explanations to build on within this mythology.

Least favorite part?

Ms. Olson: Finn’s ridiculous plot line.

Ms. King: Snoke. I just don’t get his character. We know nothing about him. It does not matter to me if there is some big reveal about him being someone we know from the past. I am more interested in how he became so powerful. I think that it is a huge jump from Snoke being killed and then young (naïve and inexperienced) Kylo becoming the leader of the First Order. What?!

Ms. Zachry: NEVER SEEN IT.

Mr. Bohenlein: Leia flying through space.

Mr. Bengston: Biggest disappointment?  Everything!  The story-line, the writing, awful!  However, I was most disappointed with how the Jedi order was mocked in this film.


Better or worse than The Phantom Menace?

Ms. Olson: Better than Phantom because Phantom introduces Jar Jar and the Gunguns.  Pretty much wished the Clone troops had wiped them out. Me so sorry.  But Darth Moll (sp?) is one of the best bad guys in the series.   When he is flying around in the desert in that speeder, his multicolored tattooed face is a thing of nightmares.

 Ms. King: Better. Although, anything can be better than The Phantom Menace.


 Mr. Bohenlein: Is anything worse?

Mr. Bengston: Much worse than The Phantom Menace…this was not a Star Wars movie.


Favorite and least favorite Star Wars films?

Ms. Olson: I’m a traditionalist.  I don’t do the non-cinematic Star Wars productions.  I didn’t like the cartoon show on Nick either.  Seeing that I stood in line for two hours to go see Star Wars, the only other movie I ever did that for was Raiders of the Lost Ark. I go A New Hope (known to the traditionalists as Star Wars) as tied with The Empire Strikes Back as number one, then The Force Awakens and Rogue One at two. 

Ms. King: Listing favorite to least favorite: Episode V, IV, VI, Rogue One, Episodes VIII, VII, The Clone Wars Movie, The Ewok Adventure, Ewoks: The Battle for Endor, The Star Wars Holiday Special, Episodes I, II, III.


Mr. Bohenlein: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

Mr. Bengston: I cannot rank greatness.  They all contribute to the mythology and I appreciate all of them equally.  Yes, I said it!  For narrative purposes, Episode I is equal to episode V.


Should Disney make more Star Wars films?

Ms. Olson: Heck yeah.  I want a movie about how Anaken (sic) AKA Lord Vader, got so many midiclorians?!? (***On a side bar, could Suzanne Collins also write a prequel showing Hamitch’s selection and competition in The Hunger Games?)

 Ms. King: YES!!!!!


Mr. Bohenlein: Only if the quality is consistently high. The Disney movies have been better than the prequels so I’ll continue to give them a chance.

Mr. Bengston: Yes, but not with anyone who worked (administratively) on VIII.


Who do you think are Rey’s parents?

Ms. Olson: As Kylo was able to foresee, Rey’s parents definitely exist somewhere on the Skywalker family tree. 

Ms. King: I don’t think we really know, yet. I have a feeling that Kylo Ren’s story about her parents can’t be trusted. (Ren=Rey.)

Ms. Zachry: REY WHO?

Mr. Bohenlein: Kylo Ren says they are nobodies who abandoned her.

Mr. Bengston: Han and Leia


Who is Snoke?

Ms. Olson: ….. (*Please excuse all typos and misspellings. On my phone and I’m on DayQuil).

Ms. King: ???

Ms. Zachry: SNOKE WHO?

Mr. Bohenlein: The supreme leader of the First Order.

Mr. Bengston: No clue and that’s disappointing…

Who shot first, Han or Greedo?

Ms. Olson: Han.

Ms. King: Han.

Mr. Bohenlein: Han before Lucas sold out.

Mr. Bengston: Technically, Han fired first (based on what we saw in 1977) but slow motion replay configured in the mid-90s showed that Greedo actually fired first, something we were unaware of with 70s technology.  It was not until the mid-90s we get to “see” this first shot fired by Greedo.


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