My Teachers’ Day Off


Buellerby Jessie Reyes with the Oracle Staff

After a restful winter break, the Oracle staff was really looking forward to our first day of school, until we found out that it had been called off for fear of traffic jams on city roads due to the College Championship game, a visit from Donald Trump, and, supposedly, ice. We were actually really bored, so we e-mailed some questions to our teachers to see if they felt the same way and how they kept busy. Here are the answers we received…

                                      The Candidates:

                            Mr. Tyree             Mr. Day           Mrs. Zachry       Mrs. Olson

1. Was the ice day really about the ice?

Mr. Tyree: Not at all.

Mr. Day: Nope, it was about an abundance of caution…and football.

Mrs. Zachry: 20% fear of ice, 50% game, 30% traffic/Trump.

Mrs. Olson: No football game, no ice day.

2. What did you do on your “ice day?”

Mr. Tyree: I nested the bed later and prepared for work the next day.

Mr. Day: Mostly played Witcher 3 and did some stuff around the house.

Mrs. Zachry: Snuggled with my baby girl!

Mrs. Olson: Law and Order marathon with a splash of Goldbergs, duh!?

3. What did you think of the Championship game?

Mr. Tyree: I don’t follow football, but was secretly rooting for Georgia… I mean, come on, I do have a sense of loyalty! I must admit, though, at one point I got pretty excited at the prospects of Georgia taking the championship. However, I saw on Facebook where someone made the comment that Georgia did what Georgia always does — Choked!!!… I smiled and said, ‘This is some real Charabia here!’

Mr. Day: I thought it was a good game with perhaps the most impressive performance by a true freshman I’ve ever seen.

Mrs. Zachry: I would prefer not to answer; I am trying to move on. But, Always and Forever “GOOOOOO DAWGS” (GA teams will break your heart. Every. Single. Time).

Mrs. Olson: I was sick in bed and watched it and was crushed by the abrupt ending. What was up with the Bama player wanting to fight his own coach?!

4. What are your thoughts about the Presidential motorcade on Atlanta’s streets?

Mr. Tyree: Thank you Monsieur le Président for the ice day… that’s the day that the ice flew down to Georgia.

Mr. Day: Having lived downtown during the 2000 election and having witnessed Gore’s motorcade move along  I-75/85. I can tell you that it is an impressive sight to see. As far as the President coming for the Championship, I mean these sorts of things are pretty common. Presidents have gone to Super Bowls and World Series Games before; it’s not uncommon.

Mrs. Zachry: I love adding more Traffic to Atlanta streets… not.

Mrs. Olson: Doesn’t he have a helicopter? Couldn’t he have just dropped into the Benz?!!

5. Should we have to make up the days? Will be in school forever?

Mr. Tyree: …Uhh make up? Huh, I didn’t call it off! And no one consulting me… I’m straight!!!

Mr. Day: Yes we should have to make up these days. No we won’t be in school forever. Stop whining.

Mrs. Zachry: We really need to move to “online” learning days for snow days like other counties do — we have tablets after all. No one wants to make up days, especially in the summer.

Mrs. Olson: No need to make up the days as long as all the students promise to read 15 minutes before bed every night for rest of school year. Preferably Harry Potter. Too many kids in this generation have the nerve to say they haven’t read the books. Being soft on Potter is totally unacceptable.  Please don’t tell me you’ve watched the movies. (Please note above questions answered on Dayqul).

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