The Oracle’s Snow Day Spectacular


It was The Oracle’s intention to start off the semester with a Q and A from teachers about the “Ice Storm” day that saw school cancelled on the first day of the term (which coincided with the UGA College Championship football game and a visit from the President and his motorcade). No sooner did we prepare those interviews than the city got hit with a massive snowfall that saw another 3-day school cancellation — right after a national holiday and a school-based teacher workday.

What follows are staff members’ reactions to the most recent wave of weather days cancellations. The Teacher Q and A will follow soon.


  1. What did you do on your days off?

Jessie Reyes: I was looking forward to going to school. No, I’m not a nerd; I really don’t like school and the whole idea of waking up early. After a while of staying home, though, it got really boring. My week was spent repeatedly refreshing Twitter to see the school updates, listening to tons of music, binge watching three new Netflix Original shows, doing some of my homework (last minute, of course), doing chores like always, and going into work with my parents a few times.

Dream Nelson: I slept and re-watched entire nine seasons of The Office for the 6th time.

Nelson Cummiskey: Most of the day was spent stressing — but not doing anything about — the next impending school day, only to have it cancelled at nine o’clock at night. Other than that, I slept a lot, watched Netflix, played Fortnite, ate a lot, and pretty much just stayed lazy all day.

Makayla Scerbo: We had a spring break in winter…A week off from school due to “ice.” For most of the break, I slept, saw my friends, and worked at my job to “make those bands.”

2. Should we have had school on Friday (a day which seemed like the ice had melted and major highways were drivable)?

Jessie Reyes: Honestly, the decision of having school that day was a 50-50, First, because who wants to have school on a Friday? Going to school for one day is probably not the best idea. At the same time, it would’ve been worth it since we wouldn’t have to make up that day.

Dream Nelson: My neighborhood had no ice on Wednesday or Thursday, so it felt like the day off on Friday was a waste of time. Especially because I live so close to North Springs.

Nelson Cummiskey: We probably should have had school on Friday because a lot of the ice was gone and it just means we’ll have to have school in July.

Makayla Scerbo: Certain schools should have been open Friday. Certain places had ice and others didn’t, so it was unwise to keep all Fulton schools out.

3. The county website stated that students and teachers will make up the lost days via a combination of “traditional and innovative methods.” What innovative method would you suggest be used to make up school?

Jessie Reyes: We should to go school Saturday mornings 6-12pm and just having our assignments online. The rest we would do over the weekend. I don’t want this to affect my spring break or summer.

Dream Nelson: An innovative way to make up the snow days could be to have students do a cyber day on their tablets instead of extending the semester.

Nelson Cummiskey:  My suggestion is to just have longer school days. Add 10-20 minutes to each class until it makes itself up.

Makayla Scerbo: One way that we can make up the days is by having an extra week after finals that’s optional for students to decide if they want to go in. The week will serve as a week to get ahead of everyone else for next year.

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